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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paige's Birthday Celebrations

Paige has somehow managed to stretch out her birthday celebrations over several days! She's only 4 but she knows how to milk it!! What a quick learner!!
Last Thursday (the 15th - her actual birthday) was a busy day. Thursday's are extraordinarily busy for us because I somehow managed to book multiple activities on Thursdays. Won't let that happen again let me tell you!! So hugs and kisses had to suffice for her in the morning before rushing off to preschool. I was the duty parent and we brought cupcakes as a special treat (for the sake of record keeping, let's call this celebration #1.) After preschool, we rushed home for a quick lunch and to open presents (celebration #2) before heading off to gymnastics. Gymnastics was followed a little later by the last swimming lesson of their current set and from there directly to Marley's field hocky practice. Phew! Are you tired yet?

I like to call this the "how do you expect me to eat my lunch with those huge tempting presents right in front of me?" shot. LOL!
Paige now has her very own soccer ball. No pressure!
Yay! Another really noisy game to drive Mom crazy with!!
Friday we gave her the recognition she deserved and took her out for a birthday dinner. In our family we have a tradition that the birthday girl (or boy - poor Greg is SO outnumbered!) gets to choose where they want to go for dinner. Within reason of course. Not that it's a factor YET! Paige being Paige chose McDonalds. What can I say? Not great for us but the kids love it and (bonus) they can run off some energy before bed. So that was celebration #3.
Saturday we prepped the house for the BIG ONE - celebration #4. Namely, a Go Bananas birthday party! Sort of. We planned to meet at Go Bananas for a hour of play before returning to our place for food, cake and presents. Paige was really into it but had trouble with the concept that the whole party wasn't going to be at Go Bananas. Ah well. Confusion aside I think she had a great time.

First the "little cousins" at Go Bananas. Sadie, ...
... Griffin, ...
... and LC.
I call this one "The Paparazzi!" When there are 12 kids 6 and under sitting around a table it is inevitable that their parents gather close by!
The present opening frenzy!
Blowing out the candles - take 2 (because Daddy wasn't fast enough on Take1!)
The cake - there is a story here ... but it's a long one. Suffice it to say that icing is a great glue alternative when your cake breaks into pieces coming out of the pan. Oh, and lesson learned about putting the fresh strawberries onto the cake and then letting it sit out of the fridge too long. Oops!
Good thing Paige loved it regardless!!
Celebration #5 happened on Sunday when we met up with Greg's parents at Marley's field hockey game and had cupcakes and presents in the park afterward. And then celebration #6 happened yesterday (Monday) when my parents took her (and Marley - because it wouldn't be right to go anywhere without Marley) to McDonalds (surprise, surprise!) and the park. Again. The girl is swing obsessed!
So ... lucky girl! 6 parties just for her! No wonder she had a melt down on our preschool field trip to Thrifty's today! She really doesn't like being the centre of attention and she's just had days and days of it. I guess a few tears about putting on a hairnet to go into the meat packing area is to be understood. Right?

There was some initial trepidation about turning 4 but I think she has come around and is now embracing her new age. Greg and I have seen her take new strides forward recently and we hope that trend continues as the year passes. It's neat to see her heading off on her own, blazing her own trail so to speak. I can't wait to see what happens next!!

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  1. As you probably know, we had our own 4th birthday this weekend. We spent a week counting down the sleeps and Brad told Connor that he would never be 3 again once he turned 4. So Connor then started taunting Teagan that she would never be 2 again - poor girl, she didn't know what to do. Because Connor's birthday was Saturday we only had 2 celebrations - thank goodness.