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Friday, October 30, 2009

ARTiQL8 Blog Candy

Check out this paper artisan's site for some inspiring projects and a chance to win some Blog Candy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

7 months!

LC is 7 months old today! Wow! Where did the time go?
Christine can now sit all by herself and LOVES to do this! She is starting to reach forward until she falls onto her face/stomach and then commando crawls backwards. Complaining the whole time, mind you, because she still doesn't like being on her tummy! And despite her advances in the sitting and standing departments, she STILL does not roll over. Of course, we don't actually WANT her to be mobile. That would just add a dimension of previously unexperienced chaos into my already crazy life!! It's a funny thing. We spend so long anticipating when they will be able to do things like crawl, walk and talk and encouraging their every effort to do so, then complain that they are always running off or won't be quiet! Life is funny that way!

So here she is, supporting herself. Scary huh?! I started the "photo shoot" by supporting her but then figured out that she could actually do it on her own. At least long enough for me to snap several pictures! She's going to be our earliest walker, I just know it! Oh our lives are going to get much busier soon!!
Happy Birthday LC!
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Scrapping Challenges

I've been very fortunate lately to win a couple Blog Candy giveaways on the Scrapbooking sites I like to stalk ... errr ... check frequently for more great ideas. :) So I figured it was high time I actually entered some of their fantastic challenges. Give back so to speak.
I have been working on the following two pages all week trying to make various deadlines. What with 3 kids to take care of and my homework for BCIT plus all the various other tasks that are involved in daily life, I usually manage to get about 5 minutes of scrapping in at one time. So slowly over the past week, those 5 minutes have added up to equal two finished pages!!
Knowing that it would likely take me some time to complete a page, I figured I'd better make pages that could fit the criteria for several challenges at once. There is no way I'd ever have the time to make a new page for each of the challenges I follow!!

This one is for the Page Maps Challenge you can find here, as well as the Colour Challenge over at Design Dollies AND the TEXTURE challenge at Studio Calico. Phew! The paper is from the Halloween pack from Recollections with coordinating ribbon, 3-D and flat embellishments. I mounted the picture of Marley and Paige on some orange cardstock from my stash and did the journalling on a scrap piece of green also from my stash. The picture is from Halloween last year - Marley and Paige about to head out the door to Trick or Treat in our neighbourhood. So cute!

This picture is for both the Scrapsketch, Sketch #172 Challenge and the Pattern Challenge at Design Dollies. I used two patterns from the above mentioned Halloween pack from Recollctions plus a Bronze textured paper from Making Memories Autumn Splendor pack and a Black and White stripe from Me & My Big Ideas Black & White Butterfly collection. These pictures were taken last year when I took the girls to The Great Big Boo. This was actually the first time both girls were "allowed" to wear their costumes and Paige did so well. The Hallowe'en before she was freaked out of her Ladybug costume and wanted it off almost as soon as we put it on. It was pretty hard to get photos of her she was so anxious to get that costume off!! So Greg and I were pleasantly surprised to have her so happy in her Kitty costume. In fact, it was hard to get it off her!! I love these pictures of Marley. I think she looks so sweet and so grown up at the same time. They are getting so BIG!!
This year Marley is planning to be Hannah Montana (yikes!), Paige is going to be a Ballerina and LC will be a Panda. Can't wait to take pictures! Hope Paige lets us!!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birth Day Shadow Boxes

Another scrapbooking project I've been working on is completed! Yay!! Only about a billion more to go!

My friend Sandra talks on her blog about these shadow boxes she has. She does layouts for them every now and then and switches them up. That seemed like a bit too much effort for me but I liked the idea of doing a shadow box for each girl. I hummed and hawed for awhile over the content of these boxes and finally decided to showcase their births. The details are probably a little hard to see in these pictures - sorry - but I am pretty happy with how they turned out. The girls (well, the two that can verbalize anyway!) are thrilled with them! It's nice to have such an appreciative fan group!!

Marley Regan Day
Feb 26, 2004, 9lbs 4oz, 20", 8:04 AM

Paige Alexandra Day
Apr 15, 2006, 8lbs 14oz, 22", 5:41AM

Christine Elizabeth Day
Mar 23, 2009, 9lbs 9oz, 22 1/4", 11:33PM

Now to find a place to display them ...
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Blog Candy over at Design Dollies

I know I've said before that I've recently become Scrap-obsessed but it's reaching obscene proportions lately. I've started to spend hours surfing Scrapbooking Blog sites getting inspiration. Now I've just got to find an equal amount of time to extract the inspiration from my head and put it onto paper! Oh right, I've got 3 kids to take care of first. Hmmm ... well, sho needs to sleep anyway?!

One of my latest favourite Blogs is called Design Dollies. Check them out for yourselves by clicking on their Blinkie on the left side bar. (I think that's what it's called - I'm still new to this whole Blog thing!!) They are offering up a fantastic Launch Blog Candy pack but they're making us work for it a bit. Sounds like fun and I'm game!

Wish me luck!