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Monday, May 17, 2010

Greg is 40!!

Well, in all the hub bub of preschool saving, hotel designing and kid raising/household running, Greg turned 40 and we had a little shindig to celebrate. I was terribly negligent and didn't take any pictures on his actual birthday (it was a Monday and a horribly stressful day for me 0 so sorry hun!) but I did manage to snap a few on Saturday.

We were all having fun ribbing Greg about his age so when I saw this at the Dollar Store I just had to get it for him. To his credit, he wore it ALL NIGHT! What a guy! (Oh, and do you like the stain on his shirt? So Greg!!)

What says Greg more than a soccer cake?! The candles (another Dollare Store purchase) say "OH NO THE BIG 40". Snicker, snicker!
Being the Old Fart that he is, he needed a lot of help blowing out those candles.

Greg hammed it up for me...

What a goof I'm married to, eh?

Then I thought I'd throw in some pictures of people that were there and the craziness that was had!

(Uncle) Aaron and Griffin.

Celia and Charlie (6 days younger than LC - possible future boyfriend? Hmmm...)

Sadie LOVED LC's car.

Sadie goofing around with her Mom, (Auntie) Jonina.

LC (and The Blanket a.k.a. Deetee) was in heaven having so many kids to chase after.

Digging in the unplanted vegetable patch - basically a "gourmet" sand box!

Paige really got into it!
Tag in the backyard.

After most of the guests had left, Marley and Jonathan took on Richard and Phil (not pictured) at MarioKart. I can't remember who won but I'd bet money on Marley!

While the Mario was going on Paige, Sarah, LC and Aaron had a ball with all the toys in the Pack 'n' Play. Paige and Sarah had about as much fun IN the Pack 'n' Play as OUT of it. Who knew that baby toys had such wide reaching appeal?!

Well, in true we've-got-young-kids-and-can't-stay-out-past-9PM fashion, our last guests left at 9 and after baths (Paige's legs were SO unbelievably dirty! she looked like a homeless child!!) the girls all went to bed. Greg and I then pretty much flaked out. It is so much fun to host a party with close to 50 guests (approximately half of which are under 7!) but it is SOOOOO exhausting. I think I may have redeemed myself after the lack lustre Monday though.

Happy Birthday Honey!!

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