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Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 on Friday - March 11

Another week gone ... where exactly? I am not sure. It is so true when they say "the days are long but the years are short". The weeks are pretty short too!! Life just never seems to slow down with 3 little kids underfoot!
This week both Paige and LC have been plagued by some sort of flu bug that's been making the rounds. Thankfully NOT a stomach flu this time - fever, cough and sore throat only! Cleaning throwup out of the carpet, walls, hair, beds, etc is the one "joy" of motherhood that I could totally do without! I am hoping that I will only have that joy for a few more years! Then they should be old enough to make it to the toilet in time!

But enough about yuck! Here's my 5 for this week ...

1. Guess what has started to arrive around here?


No, really! Maybe the groundhog had is right afterall!
The days have been most weird in the weather department lately. It might be pouring rain, windy and cold in the morning when I'm taking Marley to school and then the sun comes out, the temperature rises about 7 degrees and ... well, all I see is crocusses and snowdrops on the way to pick Marley up from school! Crazy, right?!

(To all my friends up north currently trapped under about 100' of snow ... you too will see spring some day! Hang in there!!)

2. Monkey Business

I think I've posted pictures of Marley up this tree before but ... well, she's getting higher and higher these days!

Poor Paige is desperate for just one more inch of height so she can reach that branch on her own!

3. OLW

I have been basically avoiding my assignment so far this month. It's that whole, make a committment, write it down (post it so the whole world can see it!) and then DO IT! I'm not hurting for tasks that I could commit to. Quite the opposite. I will say here and now that this weekend I will carve out some time to focus on this and share my progress here for you to see.

4. Need a Bookclub book suggestion

I think I mentioned that I joined a book club this year, right? Well, I have to pick a book soon and it's starting to stress me out! I feel so far removed from the literary world since having kids. My reading material mostly consists of Robert Munsch, Skippy Jon Jones (SO funny!) and Baby's First Words/Animals/Colours/etc. I don't think the other ladies want to read Good Night Moon either!!
So, any good suggestions?

5. Cricut Cartridge Bonanza!

My friend Jen is going to France for 3 weeks (insert mean girl comment here - so jealous!) and guess what she gave me? ALL her Cricut cartridges!!! Sweet! All is forgiven! Now if only I could figure out why my Cricut isn't working right. I tried to make Thank You cards this afternoon with Marley but had to quickly abandon the Cricut idea and start cutting out by hand. It is definitely going to be the thought that counts with these cards - not the design!

Grr! I think I already need a new cutting mat and possibly a new needle too. The super glittery paper I used for Marley's star decorations did it in! I have to take Marley to Michaels on Saturday morning to pick up a birthday present (the last of a string of birthday parties) so I'll check out the prices while I'm there.
Shucks darn!

Well, I know it's technically Thursday still but for once I wanted to get a head start on this post. It might free me up enough to tackle some scrappy projects tomorrow.
Or maybe just the laundry ...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Hey, I can definitely help with the book club suggestion! "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" is a great book, we did it for book club and everyone loved it, which is highly unusual! Don't let the title fool ya, I don't see how anyone could not like it. I can't believe you guys have crocuses down there! I think it's supposed to rain here this week, so maybe that's it for the snow. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, but I've got a big announcement to post on my blog, so stay tuned!