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Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 on Friday - Preempted by Canada Day!

I know, I know. It's Saturday, not Friday. Yesterday was Canada Day around here (Happy Birthday Canada! 144 years young!) so blogging was bumped by cake eating, flag waving, and BBQ attending. Hope you all understand!

Even if you don't - tough! :)

1. End of Grade One.
Like I said in my last post, Wednesday was the last day of school. After the Grade 7 graduation ceremony - which I did not stay for despite pleas from Marley whose class was singing (sitting in a hot gym with a squirmy 5 year old and a manic 2 year old is NOT my definition of fun!) - Marley was dismissed from her classroom which gave me an opportunity to take the requisite "picture with the teacher".
Marley and Mrs Lumsdon.

Marley and Mrs. Isaac, class helper.
They both told me over and over what a joy Marley has been to teach this year and how much they will miss her. I believe Mrs Isaacs' exact words were "she's just such a gem! Treasure her!!" Hmmm .... I'll try. Really. But on those days (you know which ones I'm talking about) it's hard to "treasure" her!

2. This is what "not being able to sleep because Greg was sick and therefore snoring x 100 and then having LC get up at 5:30am" looks like.
Get ready for a scary picture!!

Are you ready?

Don't say I didn't warn you!
LC looks pretty happy though, doesn't she?

3. Canada Day Events
After the auspicious morning which left me with serious cotton wool for brains that not even coffee could clear out, I took the girls into Ladner Village for the annual Canada Day cake. Greg was feeling really rough so I knew I didn't want to try wrangling all 3 of them for pancakes, activities AND cake. Cake and some face painting sounded much more doable!

Enjoying cake.

Running off the sugar high.

Tattoos. 100% Mother approved!

Even LC got a tattoo.

Face painting - revealing the inner butterfly?

4. BBQ season is officially underway!
It's no secret that we on the west coast (a.k.a the Wet Coast) have endured the coldest, wettest spring on record this year. We are dying for some sun and warmth. Canada delivered ... eventually. As you saw in the pictures above, the girls had hoodies on. They did take them off after awhile but it was cool. We had been invited to a barbeque at friends later in the day and I had worries we'd all be huddled indoors watching Steve barbequeing in the rain! But the sun came out and showed it's strength.
Greg stayed home to nurse his germs. He wasn't the only one missing either. This cool spring means longer cold/flu season too! Yuck!

The gang ... plus Marley and LC ... gathered around the food. Natch!

LC ignored the options I'd placed on her plate (duh!) in favour of the bowl of blue berries. Mmmm .... blueberry pooh!! I will be SO glad when we can leave the diapers behind us!!!

Sadie and LC were having such a precious moment that I, of course, was too late to capture with my camera. In this picture Sadie, showing off her older cousin status (2 months is HUGE in toddler land!) is explaining to LC all about the sidewalk chalk in the container. LC is wearing her Aunt Jonina's sunglasses. Upsidedown. Of course! 

And Paige ... what can I say about Paige that this picture doesn't say for me? Baby toy. Big grin. Lots of fun!
I look forward to more gatherings like this as the days and evenings warm up!

I love strawberries. Love them! I love them so much I even buy the California ones in January just to get a tiny taste of what's to come. But nothing beats local strawberries - especially ones you've picked yourself. Today one of our local farms was having a fundraiser for the local Police department's team that is going to the World Police and Fire Games. Buy a strawberry milkshake or sundae and support a good cause? Okay!
Greg and I both bought milkshakes and the girls has sundaes. Well, the girls had 1/2 - 2/3 of their sundaes (depending on the size of girl - they were big sundaes!) and then gave them to us. Bonus!!

Yep, they're pretty cute!

I really wanted the experience of picking strawberries for the girls but since LC was along for the ride, we only brought one small container and planned to buy the rest. Paige was very serious about which ones she picked.

Marley (PS - isn't that a great hat? I want one too!!) was instructive about which ones we should all be picking. Ah, the first born!

And LC ... well, she didn't quite grasp the concept of "pick them then put them in the bucket".

See what I mean? This was when Greg took her for a walk!

I put the camera down in the row to see if I could get a picture of me. It worked!
I love that you can also see Marley (and the hat) peeking over the plants.

And we're done. Don't these look yummy?
I washed them and cut them and we're planning pancakes tomorrow morning!

6. You'll never guess ...
Yes, I know, this is called 5 on Friday and I had every intention of having only 5 things but then tonight ... well, Greg got romantic. We'd stopped at the grocery store earlier today to get more diapers etc and I asked what he wanted for dinner tonight. He made some cryptic remark about how he'd take care of it.
Eh? Come again?
So tonight we loaded into the van and headed off to destinations unknown.
I asked what the occasion was?
He said it would become clear when we got there.
Eventually I figured it out. He was taking us to the Red Onion in Kerrisdale.
Then I started doing the math. It was 10 years ago that we first met. To the day actually!
10 years ago today, I played as a sub for Andrew's Ultimate team of which Greg was a member. He'd been injured (natch) and hadn't been playing much that summer, but that day, for whatever reason, he decided to come back from Victoria early, where he'd been celebrating the long weekend at home. After the game we all went to the Red Onion for dinner and he made every effort to make himself memorable to me. What do I remember? That during the course of conversation he managed to convey how stable a job he had and how much his salary was. LOL! I'm afraid I made more of an impression on him than he did on me!

A lot can happen in 10 years!

That's it for me. Good night. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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