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Monday, February 13, 2012

12 on the 12th - February

I have become SUPER bad about posting onto this BLOG ... sorry about that. I've been uploading all my scrapbook layouts to my Flickr gallery so you can check them out there.

Yesterday was the 12th of the month so I tried again to get 12 pictures. Here they are ...
Sunday in our house means soccer games for Marley and Paige. Greg made hot chocolate for Marley's team yesterday and put it in the entrance with the cups in a bag. I grabbed Marley's soccer cleats and created this little vignette.

LC's most favourite thing right now is to play on the computer. And yes, she can turn it on AND get to the desired web site all by herself. Sigh. Not even 3 people!! This morning the web site of choice was Strawberry Shortcake. Oh, and in the cup and all over her mouth is the extra hot chocolate that didn't fit into the thermos.

Marley has been decorating the house for Valentine's Day for over a week now. This is the little display over the computer in the kitchen.

These next 3 are all from the fireplace mantel in the family room.

She's a crafty and busy little beaver, isn't she? Where DOES she get it from?!

The not so pleasant chore ... laundry. 5 people seem to generate a LOT of dirty clothes in a week!

Marley was also invited to attend a fundraising event with her basketball team yesterday. It was to raise money and equipment donations for Hoops for Hope. The Men's and Women's UBC teams came out to show their support and inspire these future basketball players. Marley was a bit (okay, a lot!) reluctant to go but had a ball once there. 
Here she is shooting (and making) a basket with the Women's team.

And here she is with her best friend Amanda waiting on the side line for the next drill to begin.

I was going through some of my Twelve handouts and one of the photo prompts was to take a picture of your phone so I snapped this. Then I read another prompt which was to take a picture of 3 things together. Hmmm ...just did that too! Sweet!

And here are Amanda and Marley in the bleachers with me.
Funny story .... at the beginning of the proceedings when the kids were first told to go and sit in the bleachers, even though I was sitting in plain view with lots of empty space around me, Marley chose to go and sit with her friends in the top row and the farthest corner from where I was sitting. Gack! She's too young to be doing stuff like that already, isn't she?

Later that day it was time to make these ... Marley's birthday invitations.
Yup. It's that time again!

And last but not least, I had book club last night and this was the book we were discussing. If you haven't read it, DO! It's awesome!! Just beware  it WILL lead to needed to read the next 2 books in the series and an intense desire to see the movie that's coming out next month!

Apparently LC has a present for me in her pull-up. Sigh. Gotta go.
I'll post later and show you some of the layouts I've done lately. Until then, have a good one!

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  1. I agree about the hunger games. I started the first book, and a week later had finished all three. I was completely sleep deprived but thrilled with the books.