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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My first ever BLOG!!!

Wow! My own Blog! What the heck am I going to write about?
Duh! My crazy life, of course!!!
We are the Day5 - Greg, Alison, Marley, Paige and Little Christine (as opposed to Big Christine aka Auntie Christine!) The picture above is, sadly, the only picture of the 5 of us so far... that I could find... aAnd it's not that great! Sigh! Life is so busy these days. It was taken at the wedding of a friend of Greg's in the middle of the biggest heat wave the Lower Mainland has EVER seen. The reception venue was NOT air conditioned so we spent a lot of time out on the deck trying to get the river breezes!!
Marley is 5, entering Kindergarten in September and a bright, talented little girl. She loves to be active so we put her into everything we can think of and afford! Last week she took Tennis lessons for the first time and loved it. She was also very good - I thought!! She's also our Drama Queen. If even the tiniest thing doesn't go according to her plan, she bursts into tears and runs crying out the room. I really hope she doesn't try that at school!!
Paige is 3, super cute (and knows it!) and stubborn as all get out! We have been battling with her for months now to potty train but so far she is NOT cooperating. We did the whole reward chart with stickers to earn a Barbie which she quite diligently did. She was very excited to get her very own Barbie as Marley has 3 or 4 now but she has none. After depositing the requisite number of poops and pees into the potty and receiving her Barbie (not one, but two along with a car no less!!) she promptly stopped going in the potty all together. Smart girl! Hopefully!! Otherwise we have WAY bigger problems than refusing to pee in the toilet! Needless to say, the Barbie is now living in our bedroom until such time as she decides to use the toilet again.
Little Christine (LC) is 4 1/2 months old and a real joy. Unless she screams then it's everyone for themselves!! She can shatter ear drums. For the most part though she is a happy baby and the best sleeper out of the three girls. Thank God!! So far she is showing signs that she will be both tall and active. She's outgrown her 6 month sleepers already and is wearing 9 month size!! Yikes!! She loves to be entertained by her big sisters. Marley can get her to belly laugh which is so cute to watch!
Life with 3 kids - sometimes 4 - is completely and totally nuts! I pretty much doubt my sanity on a daily basis. We are currently 4 months into Greg's 5 month Paternity Leave (hence my 4 kids comment) and I am really looking forward to September. Don't get me wrong, having Greg around to help out is (usually) fantastic and most new moms would kill for it ... I'm just, well, how do I put this diplomatically? ... not one of them? It's been fun but now we all need to get into a routine. School, work, kids, etc. I'm ready to tackle the brood on my own! Really!! Okay, I know I tried to hibernate today (unsuccessfully I may add) but I'm starting to go stir crazy and I don't think it's all because of the kids.

Anyway, I hear LC so I'll sign off by saying that I hope this will be a good way to keep in touch with the British Rellies (those who aren't on Facebook!) Keep tuning in to see new pics and more sound bytes from the life of the Crazy Days!!


  1. Congratulations Alison, I can't wait to see what you post!!!! Welcome to the blogosphere.