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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seattle Getaway

Greg's parents took Marley and Paige for 5 days of "Granny Camp" in Victoria so Greg and I quickly escaped with Christine for two days in Seattle. It was our 7th Anniversary this past Sunday so we looked at this trip as a celebration. It was so nice to only have one child to worry about again the whole 5 days of Granny Camp were a celebration!!

The border lineup on Monday morning was pretty long so Christine and I got out and wandered around Peace Arch Park. She wasn't all that happy to be stuck in her car seat while the car was stationary!!

After crossing the border we took the scenic route to Seattle. Greg had done a lot of research prior to our trip (what a surprise!) and had read about the Chuckanut Drive. This is a scenic, winding, two lane road that follows the coast from Fairhaven to Burlington. Unfortunately, it was too windy for Greg to really appreciate the views! We then made our way to Whidbey Island. This next picture was taken on the ferry from Clinton to Mukilteo. It was only a 15 minute ferry ride but Christine appreciated being released from her car seat again!!

We safely made it to Seattle, found our hotel - $82/night on Hotwire apparantly comes with a water view! Who knew?! After letting Christine stretch her legs for a bit on the hotel room floor, we went off to a Mariners game. Now, I'm not the biggest baseball fan (okay, I HATE baseball) but it was an experience I'm glad I had. Not that I feel the need to do it again mind you! I'll let Greg take the older girls next time while I hang out in the hotel room and read a good book! Christine did really well. She loved the sights and the kids in the row in front! By the beginning of the 6th inning she was showing signs of "being done" so I took her away to nurse and get into a sleeper then Greg met up with us and we wandered around the stadium checking out the sights. Safeco Field is a pretty impressive building. There are a lot more interesting things to look at than the game!! Christine even got to meet the Mariner's Moose! She is like Marley - fearless when it comes to mascots!

Having been awake for longer than I think she's ever been awake in her whole 5 months of life, LC slept like ... well, a baby! Which was good because we had another busy day planned for Tuesday. We had breakfast at Lowells in Pike Place Market, explored the market and then took the Monorail to the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project. The EMP was pretty neat and after a caffeine & sugar pick-me-up we went next door to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. That was also pretty cool. I'm really a sci-fi geek at heart!! Sad but true!
Finally it was time to head up the Space Needle.

It was Greg's first time up and the weather cooperated beautifully. We got some excellent views of Seattle and surrounds. Christine was more impressed with her toy though!!

After a nap for Christine and myself, we went back to the Market area to have dinner and then called it a night.
Wednesday meant it was time to head home and become a family of five again. So alcohol was needed!! We went home via a couple wineries in Woodenville. Greg was driving so yours truly did most of the tasting. Shucks, darn! We really only had time to hit two wineries which was probably good both for our wallets and for me!
Well, we're home now and back to normal. Sigh! I think I need another vacation!

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