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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reflections on turning 36.

Happy Birthday to me - I am 36 years old today.

Wow. When did THAT happen?!

When my Mum turned 36, I was 4 weeks old and Andrew was 3 1/2. Paige's age! I guess I got a bit of a head start on her in the kid department but it's eerily similar, isn't it?

I was thinking about this post last night ... planning in out in my mind if you will. (Who says that only the Days are planners?! Campbell's can be planners too - we just tend to do it all last minute!! LOL!! But I digress ...) I was replaying the Movie of My Life So Far trying to figure out what I have accomplished over the past 36 years. It seems to me that a person should be able to accomplish a lot in 36 years on the Earth! I didn't reach any earth shattering conclusions (no pun intended.) No epiphanies. Just the simple fact that my biggest accomplishments - my 3 biggest accomplishments actually - all happened in the past 6 years. Two of these accomplishments decided to keep me awake most of the night last night!! Just to remind me that the days of being the Birthday Princess (or in my case, the Birthday Queen!!) are over. Sigh. Just you wait girls, I'll get my own back when you have kids of your own!!!

So if my biggest achievements happened after turning 30, what the heck was I doing for my first 30 years?!?! Sweet (insert bad expletive here) all if you ask me! It's no wonder then that I have been plagued lately with a sense of impatience. Like I'm waiting for a really anticipated show to begin and there are major technical difficulties delaying things. I love my kids and my husband so why am I so anxious to get through school, get them INTO school, and start my "real life"? I spend a lot of time waiting for the next big milestone thinking that will somehow make everything else in my life make sense, only to be disappointed when I find it's still the same old, same old. How do I go about changing that?

Deep questions for a Wednesday morning!!

Well, accomplishment #3 just woke up from her nap so my deep thinking time is over. Until next time ...


  1. Ahh yes, I remember my 30's...
    Well you certainly have accomplished some real cuties in the past 6 years. Y'know that
    Brad & I started dating a few weeks before your wedding which is how I can remember how long you've been married. I didn't get married until I was 36. Just to put it into perspective my grandmother (Dad's mom) had 5 children and was expecting #6 when she died at age 33. You should be really proud of all you've done in 36 years.

  2. Thanks Sandra, that really helps!