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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Catching Up ...

Dec 25th: Christmas Dinner at Ammee and Poppa's

After we worked through the pile of presents under the tree (taking a break so that LC could go down for a nap and I could put the Wifesaver in the oven) we had Brunch - Best of Bridge Christmas Morning Wifesaver (another tradition.) My parents were expecting us around 2-ish so we sort of relaxed for a bit, did some tidying of wrapping paper etc and let the girls play with their new presents. Greg got to work setting up the Wii!! Then we loaded up the van for the trek out to Abbotsford.
It was just our family, Greg's parents and my parents this year which was really nice. Not as crazy and chaotic as previous years and I sort of felt badly that there were no other kids for the girls to play with but at the same time it was really nice to be able to visit! Big family gatherings are a whole lot of fun but the noise/activity level aren't conducive to catching up with people!!
My brother and his family gave the girls a game for Christmas (Thank you!!!) that took a bit of set up but that the girls love. Here are two pictures of what happened while Ina and I worked away at setting up the game!

Poppa (my Dad) ended up on the bottom of a Marley/Paige dogpile but we only got a picture of Marley clambering over him!

Once the game boards were set up I read out the rules while Grandma and Grandpa teamed up with the girls to try it out. Isn't this such a fantastic shot of me?! Oh, and LC is making a play for the girls' new Vtech camera that Santa left them. It takes real pictures and is pretty cool. I've already downloaded about 300 pictures of the ceiling, the floor and the tops of peoples head - pretty much all blurry too!!

Then it was time to eat. Yay!!

LC was so excited about her first Christmas Dinner she decided to take a nap! Awww!!!

After dinner the girls went downstairs where Paige helped Poppa play some Christmas Carols ...

... and then joined in on the Crokinole fun with Grandma and Grandpa.

As you can see she is in her pajama's at this point. We'd had a long day and it was a long drive home so we didn't stay late. Home to bed and then spent a lazy Boxing Day opening more toys and playing with the Wii.

All in all and very good Christmas!
Today I am grateful for ...
... new dishwashers ...
... daughters excited to lose to their Mom in Mario Kart ...
... Safeway lasagne ('cus the cooks on holiday!!)

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