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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Videos and more Christmas happenings.

As promised I have uploaded the two crappy videos I took of Marley's concert to my Picasa Web Album. You can view them here. Next year we should have better vids as we received a new digital video camera for Christmas from Greg's sister and brother-in-law. Thanks guys!!

I will add to this post a little later today but right now I am being completely harrassed by 3 little girls!!

... I'm back ... it's now 10:20PM and Greg and I are sacked out on the couch watching the Survivor Finale. Yay Natalie!! But that is not the point of this post. I am supposed to be updating you all on our Christmas adventures.

Yesterday we met up at Greg's sister's to exchange gifts as they will be out of town for Christmas. His Mom had been there all week and his Dad came over in the morning (stopping at our house to drop off gifts - our tree suddenly looks very festive!!) As I mentioned, Greg and I received a new video camera which I plan to set up tomorrow. Eee!!! Fun with techie toys!! The girls got (very generous) gift cards from Michaels for art supplies which I am going to have to be VERY careful not to spend!! Hee, hee, hee. Just kidding Aunty C!!!
Here are some pictures of the mayhem!

Yummy lunch ...
... playing with the cousins ...
... finally we let them open presents.

Jasper received fairly exclusively Thomas toys - obsessed much? Griffin was the only one the reindeer antlers fit! 
Oh, speaking of obsessed ... my girls got bubble bath stuff. Marley was given the Dora set and Paige the Tinkerbell set. You could just SEE Paige's face fall when Marley opened her Dora set. She wanted that one but a quick trade and both girls are happy. In fact, they had a bath tonight and used their new Bath Fizz Wands (don't ask) with great delight!
And LC loved her new Piano toy so much she tried to get into the box to play with it!

Last but not least, Marley and Paige with their new Dora I Spy. Do you think Paige is happy about it?!

Paige has mostly given up her fear of being photographed and instead insists on giving the biggest, cheesiest grins she can! Ah well, at least she doesn't hide when the camera comes out!! Marley still loves to pose and here we got Vanna White vibes!

Later in the afternoon Greg's cousins and Aunt came over and we celebrated the 2nd birthday of their little boy - um ... he's Greg's 1st cousin once removed which makes him the girls' second cousin. I think? Something like that. Anyway, he's the cutest little guy! They brought cake - Dairy Queen ice cream cake no less. Yum, yum!!!

Somehow Marley always seems to position herself in such a way as to be able to help blow out the candles!

That's all folks. Thanks for hanging in with me.
I am feeling serious scrapping withdrawal symptoms but need to keep our dining room as a dining room at least until Boxing Day. So no scrapping for me yet. Grr! I've been saving up some fabulous sketches though and once I can spread out my papers and other goodies, I hope to rock them all! Can't wait.

Tonight I am thankful for ...
... babies who cry JUST as I am finishing my post ...
... time to shop for "Santa's" presents ...
... my family.

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