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Friday, January 28, 2011

Five on Friday - Jan 28th

That time again. Time for 5 random things that happened this week ... or are going to happen (see #5).

1. Visit from Aunt Moira
My Aunt Moira came in from Osoyoos on Tuesday and stayed a couple days with us. We haven't seen her since August and it's been ages since she stayed here. We didn't plan anything special, she just wanted to tag along on our everyday activities. Poor woman had no idea what she was signing up for! Here she is watching Marley and Paige's skating lessons.

And here's Marley ... 

... and Paige ... 

... and, last but not least, LC. She insisted on wearing her snowsuit too. Has to do everything her big sisters do!! 

So Aunt Moira got to see Paige's preschool, go grocery shopping with LC and me, pick Marley up from school, go to skating lessons and sit and wait for Paige while she did her ballet. See what I mean? NOT very exciting. But I think she enjoyed reaquainting herself with the girls. After ballet we headed to New Westminster to take her to her step-son's where she will be staying for the rest of her visit.
Thanks for staying with! Hope the rest of your visit is more relaxing!!

2. Party invites
Marley is now completely obsessed with her upcoming birthday (end of February!!) so we spent this week working on her invitations. She is having a Rock Star birthday so we went to Michaels and bought some glittery cardstock in hot pink, silver and gold. The hot pink was for the invitations  and the others are for some decorations - which I'm sure she will start harrassing me to make soon. Yikes!

I cut each sheet into 4 and then traced a big star onto each 6x6 square. Then I typed up the party details in Word, printed them off, cut them out, glued them on ... and let Marley decorate with some fun star and guitar stickers.  

Here's the stack! Marley is inviting every girl she's ever known I think!

3. OLW and Photoshop Elements
One of the prompts for January was to take a picture of ourselves and then use the given overlay to create a 5x7 picture for our album. I can only assume that at some later date we'll be tasked with taking another picture. I dutifully took the picture (and even posted it here already) but I hadn't done the overlay portion of it. Poppa Graham gave us an old computer for the girls to play on in the kitchen. I happened to notice it had Photoshop Elements on it so the other day I got playing. Here is my finished picture.
I noticed two things ... I HATE that it's off centre but there's nothing I can do about it now (note to self, make sure next time that it's centred!) And I forgot to change the colour of the date - it's next to the word beginnings. Oh well. It's not worth going back and changing it now.
I really liked working in PE and may have to think about getting it on my laptop.

4. My Happiness Project
I think this is closely related to my One Little Word of RELEASE. I had a very interesting meeting with my therapist this week in which we talked about the book and how I was formulating my own project. It gave me a lot to think about. Not that I've had much time to ruminate this week! It's still at the forefront of my mind though (same with my OLW) and I like that I can find little ways to bring it up every day. Like today, Marley wanted to hand out all her invites at school even though some of the girls are in different classrooms. Initially I said no and then had to take a deep breath when she pouted most of the way to school. I looked inside myself to see why I was so stuck on restricting who she handed the invites to and how she handed them out and the truth was, I wanted to hang onto some sort of control. Time to give it up! Only I can control my own happiness by my own actions and reactions to things.
Have to remind myself that everyday!

5. Snowshoeing and Fondue!
A friend of ours is turning (has turned? I'm not totally sure when his birthday is) 40 and his wife has arranged for a big group of us to go snowshoeing on Cypress Moutain tonight. Check out this link - we're going to be doing the 4 hour Fondue Tour. Yum!!
I'm excited to have an adult evening with good friends but a bit nervous about the snowshoeing part of it. I'm SOOOOO out of shape (my shape is more round these days) and my knee has been acting up since last Friday's "soccer Mom" kicking the ball around with Paige and LC. But I guess I'll just strap on the knee brace and hope for the best! I'll be sure to take my camera so look for a picture heavy post from me later in the weekend!

Well, LC has awoken from her nap so my kid free quiet time is over. It was nice to have a bit of time to blog in peace!
I know I've been craft-less lately ... I have plenty of ideas twirling around in my head but making the time lately has been difficult. Too much else going on! Hopefully I'll get back in there soon. January is almost over so it's time to pull out my Project 12 stuff again. Yay!

Thanks for checking in with me. Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Hello, hello, I'm bugging you again! Sounds like you had a great week! The invites look great (still haven't started mine, oops!) and Aunt Moira looks adorable. We had Grandma here this week, so that was fun (but kind of exhausting, too!) Snowshoeing & fondue!?!? That sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a great time!