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Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 on ... er ... Saturday. (Warning - LONG post!)

Again a Friday has come and gone without my usual post. Sorry. Yesterday was Sports Day at Marley's school and then we made a quick trip into Richmond to pick up some birthday presents so I was dozing off on the couch when I should have been posting!

This is likely to be a long post so we'd better get started:

1. Package of Yumminess.

One day last week we returned home to find a box tucked behind our storm door. I had been expecting something from the lovely Lori at Apron Strings so I crossed my fingers and hoped that's who it was from. And guess what? I was right! Check out the goodies she sent me ...

I don't own any Pink Paislee products (as far as I know) so this was extra exciting.
Feast your eyes on these close ups. 

Can't wait to use these! Thanks Lori!

2. Garage Sale.

Last Saturday we had a garage sale - piggy backing on an already organized one in the cul-de-sac around the corner. The girls wanted to have a lemonade stand and LC had fun discovering toys that have been tucked away for long enough to make them seem new again! But at the end of the day, we sold a bit and took what was left to the Thrift Store so I felt cleansed!

The girls were raising money for Children's Hospital and did very well. $28-ish!

3. Post Ballet Hair

On the lighter side .... Paige kept her ballet bun in for a couple days after the recital so by the time we took it out this is what it looked like.

Truly a Piggy tail!

4. Signs of Summer.

It must be almost summer ... Ladner Market Days have returned!
We love hitting the market on alternate Sundays through the summer. We always find lots of yummy things to try and buy. The local produce, the bakeries, the food stands, the crafts, the music ...
Come on down next Sunday and check it out for yourself.

The older two had just finished their last swimming lesson so the first order of business was a snack. Our favourite bakery provided that for us! Croissant for LC, ginger snap cookie for Marley, peach scone for me and for Greg and Paige ...

... cinnamon buns!

He's not mad, he's just not smiling. But I'm in this picture too! See? In his sunglasses?

Marley and Paige were hopeful and spent a few minutes choosing what they'd get IF we were buying them ice creams. Maybe next time!

Oh, and before I forget ... both girls passed their swimming lessons. No surprise for Paige. She's turned into a strong swimmer! Marley has been trying to pass SwimKids 3 for several sessions now and I was a bit worried. She looks a little akward in the pool. She's so lean she just doesn't have the muscle mass needed to propel herself smoothly through the water! But they passed her so it's on to SwimKids 4 next! Way to go girls!!

5. Sports Day

Last but not least, a few (dozen) pictures from Sports Day yesterday. Marley was sick last year and couldn't participate so she was extra excited for this year. They start with a bike parade. This year the theme was the Canucks (probably would have been better if we'd actually won the cup ...) so we decorated their bikes and turned their helmets blue with painters tape.

I tried to get Paige to join in the parade when she saw her friend Sarah ride past but she freaked.
Next year ...

LC had to get in on the decorating action too. Even teddy ...

There's Marley riding past with her classmates. I like how the big Canucks flag is flying out behind her.

LC and I watching.
The foam finger fell off a friend's bike so LC got to wave it around for a bit.

While Greg and I were relaxing on board our cruise ship, the parents of Holly Elementary were building this new playground. Yesterday we had the Grand Opening complete with speaches from the Mayor and School Board Trustees. As well as ...

... my friend Trish Cowley who was very instrumental in getting the funding grant in place. Thanks Trish!

Cutting the ribbon.

Then the games got underway. Paige hopped along with Marley and Taylor in this one.

Then LC waited at the end for Marley to hoist the cup.

I love how Marley's pig tails are flying!

Paige cheered on Marley. We saw the field hockey skills in action here!

LC and a few other youngsters made several grass piles. More fun than watching the big kids!!

Uncle Alasdair is visiting so got "dragged along". He looks comfortable, doesn't he?

After lunch they had races on the turf field starting with Preschool kids. Paige and Sarah came in first (according to Marley).

Then Marley and the 1st Grade girls raced.

And there was a tug-of-war which Marley's team won. 

It was a beautiful day which is evident on my chest today. I guess I forgot to apply sunscreen to myself! Oops!

Well, thanks for hanging in through all the pictures today. This weekend Marley has a birthday party, I have to meet a buyer at the preschool and then on Sunday we get to celebrate Father's Day and my neice Sophie's 5th Birthday. Phew! Better get showered and ready for the day!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am in LUST with your apron strings pack - is it a prize, or are you a guest designer, or subscriber? I'll have to look for that line when I'm at LSS, I have a $20 credit for being such a loyal customer!

    You guys have been so busy as usual! I love the playground equipment, it looks sooooo nice! Love the pics of the bike parade, looks like fun. We've been TV-less for a couple of weeks, kind of an experiment, but my point is that I didn't get to see any Canucks games. I'm glad I didn't, and I'm especially glad I didn't see any of the riots - just makes me sick! Anyway, glad I can leave comments again, and glad you're still following me too! I switched to Google Chrome, which was on this computer the whole time, I just didn't know what it was (doh!) and everything works! Whaddaya know?