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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday's 5 on Friday

Well, I'm recovering from the busy and emotional week that was. I think I may even have it in me to compose a blog post now!! LOL!
It's currently 9:00AM. Greg and Marley are cuddled up on the couch watching Canada vs Germany in the Women's FIFA World Cup of Soccer (while concurrently reading a newspaper and a book), Paige is upstairs in her usual TV watching position (on her back, arms behind her head, feet through the bottom of the TV stand - on top of the DVD player no less!) and LC has just woken up and is devouring her pancakes with strawberries. All is good.
Hmmm ... spoke too soon ... Germany just scored!

But I digress ... on to my week ...

1. Remember these?
The outfits, I mean, the girls should be familiar enough! I finally got my picture of all 3 of them wearing the San Francisco Chinatown outfits I got them. It only took Uncle Alasdair treating us to an ordered in Chinese dinner for them all to get dressed up!!
Thanks Uncle Alasdair!

2. Father's Day BBQ
We had about half of the Graham/Campbell side over for Father's Day this year. 9 kids and 9 adults. It's not often we have a one to one ratio of adults to kids!!!

Before the crowds arrived, Paige and LC had some quiet time with Uncle Alasdair.

Does this happen in your house? The men/boys were in the family room watching ...

... golf!
While the women/girls were in the living room ...

... visiting and ...

... playing with dolls. Could we BE more stereotypical?

We were also celebrating Sophie's 5th birthday.

Ammee got her a cool looking magnetic calendar with tons of small pieces! Jo, we found the #3!!

Andrew decorated these cupcakes with some pretty psychadelic colours! He's so Martha Stewart!!

Here's the birthday girl enjoying her cupcake.

They were a big hit with everyone. LC used the purple icing as "makeup" before actually eating the cupcake.

Ammee and Andrew.

Caleb and Matthew decided it would be fun to eat theirs without using their hands. Ah, boys!

Greg went for cherry pie over cupcakes. His day, his perogative I guess!

It was a fun day for all. It's always nice to get the family together and reconnect.

3. Year End Field Trips
Part of what has made this past week so busy for me has been all the field trips.
On Monday we went to Centennial Beach with Paige's preschool. It was kind of cold but the kids went into the water anyway ... mostly fully dressed unfortunately!!

Tentative explorations.

Mud pies.

Careful wading.

Sand soup.

Sea shells.

I love how Paige's hair blends into the sky!

The campsite.

Wednesday was another field trip for Paige (mostly because the preschool was half empty in preparation of the big garage sale so there was nothing for the kids to play with.) This time we took them bowling. I tried to take pictures but they all pretty much sucked. Here are the least sucky ones.

Paige watching her balls' progress.

The crew!

It's blurry I know, but it's so cute! Paige was giving LC bowling tips!

LC is currently obsessed with pockets. This time she found her back pockets!

On Thursday it was Marley's turn for a field trip. Younger siblings were welcome so we all got to go along. They started at the library (with Marley's new found love of reading, I think we'll be spending a lot of time at the library this summer!) and then went over to the water park/playground at Memorial Park.

Kids seem to be immune to the cold. I would NOT have stripped down to my bathing suit as it was not the warmest day. In fact, it had rained earlier in the morning!

But ... Marley put on her suit and had fun playing with her classmates.

Paige and LC were not interested in getting wet AT ALL!! Instead, we went over to the playground.
Here's a funny statistic for you. When Marley was 2 we avoided this playground as it is raised to a height we felt was too dangerous for Marley. The odd time Greg would go up with her (up the stairs) but usually we stayed in the toddler play area. When Paige was 2 we played here more as Marley was old enough to climb up safely. Paige is naturally cautious so didn't set my heart racing too badly. 
Then we had LC ...
Here's evidence of what she is capable of at 2. 

Yup. All methods of climbing up to the platform are no problem for her.

After lunch the kids put on 3 little plays they'd been working on. Marley was very proud that she was the Narrator in hers!

4. Final Farewell to Li'l Rascals

Friday morning the kids were treated to the site of a giant bouncy castle in the back yard of the preschool. Once again, I'd woken early to the sound of rain but thankfully it stopped and held off. The sun even came out later when the kids were having their snack!

After watching the year end slide show that Teacher Kari had prepared (awesome job Kari!) and presenting a quilt to her featuring artwork from each child transferred onto fabric (really wish I'd taken a picture of it!), the kids RAN outside to bounce the day away.

LC was initially excited at the idea of the bouncy castle but once she realized she'd have to get in with all the other kids, she lost her passion. Instead she went back into the school to watch through the window!

And then got busy in the sandbox.

See. Sunshine! And yummy treats!

That night we held a Farewell BBQ at the preschool with some alumni in attendance. Our old teacher, Mary, came for a bit too. It was a lovely evening of reminiscing and renewing friendships.

The BBQ Ladies!

Paige and Avery enjoying some cheesies/chips.

The set up.

Random shots of the action.

Oh! Who's that? Me?! Say it ain't so!!
Yesterday was the garage sale which went very well. There is a bit of final clean up/clear out to do at the preschool and then we hand over our keys. It's the end of an era. Truly! Li'l Rascals has been a preschool in Ladner since at least the 70's if not earlier. It was in it's current location for decades too. One of the parents at the BBQ found pictures of herself when SHE attended the preschool! Crazy, eh?

5. Grandpa's Birthday
Thanks for hanging in. I know this is a hugely long post! So much has happened this week!!
Yesterday, after the garage sale, we celebrated Grandpa Day's birthday. Even though the weather had been changable all day, he insisted on going to Centennial Beach to play with his grandkids.

Yep. It was a cold as it looks!

LC turned out to be the most resilient!

With the hair and the baseball cap, Marley looks like a trucker.
Pringle Duck Lips just make the look, don't they?!

The sun eventually stopped playing hide and seek behind the clouds and I emerged from my coccoon to take some pictures of a very wet LC romping in the water with Grandpa.

Grandpa was the star ...

... surrounded by his fans as he opened his cards and presents.

More birthday cupcakes.

Now, I know it's wrong to let your 2 year old drink beer  but ...

... when it results in faces like these ... 
... it seems okay somehow!

Okay, you made it! I am finally finished.
The game is long over (Canada lost 2-1), everyone is dressed but me and Greg's getting lunch ready. I suppose it's my turn to shower and get dressed.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

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  1. I just had to laugh at that last pic, she is so cute!!! Sounds like everything went well with your week, so yeah, take a load off and relax!