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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bad Blogger Catch up - Part II

For Part I go here.

So, where were we?
Headache, bed, ... sleep? Ha! Between LC getting up half a dozen times (or more - I lost count) due to her really bad cough, sore throat, inability to sleep through the night (grr!!), my own sore throat and Greg returning from his night on the town smelling like a brewery and snoring like a freight train ... I STILL need some sleep!

But ... instead, I'm up and blogging. Then I'll shower and try to find a clinic that's open so I can take LC to be checked out. I think having a low grade fever for 3 out of the last 4 days plus a croaky voice, a wicked sounding cough and the need to be by my side/in my lap/on my hip 24/7 is reason enough to suspect she may have more than the "common cold". Just sayin'.

But before all that fun, let's show you some Thanksgiving fun!
On the Saturday we went out to the Nielsen's new house in Langley for a feast. First though, Christine had arranged for the kids to have a pony ride at a friends stables. Marley was in heaven and we could have easily left her behind! The kids got to know the mare (27 year old Minnie Mouse) before riding her by giving her a good grooming. Paige (of course) wanted to have nothing to do with such a large scary beast, but Marley, Jasper, Griffin, Kieran and even LC got up close and personal.

Then it was time for some rides! 
Being the oldest (and most keen!), Marley got to go first.

Initially LC mimicked Paige and ran screaming for the hills as soon as the horse was set free and started walking around. But after seeing Marley and all her cousins ride it unscathed, she plucked up the courage to take a turn herself. Paige could in no way be prevailed upon to ride! Sigh.

Remember how I said we could have left Marley behind and she wouldn't even have noticed? Well, she helped Kristin take Minnie Mouse to her stall in another stable. Then she helped get food for all of Kristin's other boarders as well as Minnie Mouse. Short of mucking out the stalls, she's a fully trained stable hand now! Given our location in farm country (with stables literally a few blocks away) I see a future summer job!!! 

Once the horses were fed and Marley allowed herself to be dragged away, we headed to Chez Nielsen for our own supper.

Here is the kids table. From the centre we have Paige, Marley, LC, Kieran, Jasper and Griffin. No, LC's top is not two-toned, she just insisted on washing her own hands. "Me do it!!"
Double sigh.

Marley made the centre piece in school.

This is the adults table (thank you to Marley for taking the picture!) From the left we have cousin James, Aaron, me and Greg. Then on the right we have Zoe in Suzanne's lap, Grandma Day, Christine and Grandpa Day peeking out at back. Next time I think I'll get her to stand on a chair but all in all, a pretty good go at using my "fancy" camera!

Next day we scored another turkey dinner, this time out in Abbotsford at Chez Graham. Another crazy, kid filled meal. Here are the grandkids at the counter. Starting with Paige at the bottom left, we have Marley, Jenna, Caleb, Luke, Miles, LC, and Reid. Drew (9 months old) was in the high chair so not visible. 9 out of 14 grandkids in attendance. Not too shabby!

LC being her cute self. 

And speaking of LC ... with Marley and Paige in school all day now, I have been rediscovering all those toddler/preschool programs that I used to take the older two to. A couple weeks ago we checked out a brand new one focusing purely on crafts.
Painting her pumpkin mask. I've discovered that she is a Maximalist! The more paint the better - especially if it's all in one spot!

Hamming it up in her pirate hat.

Snack time. Love the wall o' masks behind her!
She had fun, got messy and got introduced to other kids her age. We'll be adding this to our routine for sure!

And now for something (two things actually) completely different.
The first is this gorgeousness. A perfect double rainbow!
The girls and I were sitting down for an early dinner (Wednesday's are brutal for the dinner schedule!) when I looked out and saw this. The lower rainbow was so bright! I immediately jumped up, grabbed my camera and ran outside to snap some pictures. Got wet socks in the process but it was worth it!

And the second thing is this ... my very first vendor table! Greg's sister Christine owns the Vancouver and North Shore franchise of Momcafe and she gifted me a membership for my birthday AND offered me a free table at October's breakfast meeting. This is my table. It was a lot of fun. There was a very inspiring speaker  (she had 8, yes, 8 kids!!!) and I met some wonderful ladies. Hopefully it will lead to good things!

Okay, I think I am all caught up now!
Don't forget my Open House next Saturday (see here for details).
Enjoy what's left of your weekend everyone!

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