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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walking for the Cure!

Today was the day! Team Pinkalicious Pandora had fun walking through the streets of Vancouver in support of an excellent cause. As soon as I get the team photo I'll pop it into the post here ...

Edited Oct 12th - Beth sent me this picture of Team Pinkalicious Pandora. Aren't we a good lookin' bunch?!

... until then, here are some other shots from the morning.
Pre-race energy - mmmm ... Timbits!

Tanya, myself and Shannon.

Approaching the start line - finally! With all the people it took ages to get moving. It was worse than the Sun Run for congestion! But we were there to walk, support Beth and her family and enjoy the sunshine so the slow pace was not a problem.

Pinkalicious Pandoras in all their Pinkalicious glory! Beth with her daughters Kate (on left) and Emma. Beth's husband Mike is the man walking behind with the stroller and in the bottom of the stroller is their son, John. The kids did amazingly well - considering. There were a few melt downs and Kate need a piggy back a few times but all in all, they were awesome!

Then there was this guy.
He did the walk with his cat on his hat. A real live cat! 
Apparently this was their 3rd year doing the walk like this.
It truly takes all types!!

The walk took us under the Chinatown gates.

And here we are approaching the finish line!

It was a moving experience. Seeing everyone with names on their pinnies - Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Grandmas, friends, co-workers and even the odd man's name too. This is truly a disease that needs to be defeated! I was so glad I took part and hope that next year I can turn it into a family affair. It's on my birthday next year so it seems destined!

It's not too late to donate to this walk and the cause in general. To donate to my team please click on this link. (Hope it works!) Thanks!

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