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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marley has a heart so big it hurts!!

I've talked about Marley, my little activist before. She loves to raise money for those in need, be they human or feathered! Well today she did something I don't think I'd have had the guts to do at her age. She chopped off her hair so we can donate it to an organization that makes wigs for kids with cancer!! It amazes me! Her innate sense of giving to others. That is not taught! Now, I'm not trying to say that Greg or I are selfish but we are definitely not in the habit of making overt gestures like this.

Here's a little photographic evidence of the deed ...

Getting a pre-cut wash.
(The girls love our hairdresser Kristin, and I must give a little shout out to her new salon Locks and Lashes in Tsawwassen. It's a bit farther to go than here in Ladner, but we'd follow her anywhere!)

The before shot ... so long ... but not FOR long!!

Kristin first tied it back - I was really nervous about how short it was going to be but Marley had no second thoughts. So much braver than me!!

To keep things all neat once it was cut Kristin braided the bottom.

And then the cutting began. I think I actually felt it a little!! Not sure about Marley ...

There she is. Holding her hair!!

Then the pretty cut began.

And the 'after' shot. I actually really like her cut and may have to get it done like that myself one day!

Well, here it is. Waiting to be mailed. Once it's dry, that is.

Another After Shot (in better light). See, cute cut, eh?
I really don't recognize her!!

Oh, and this is for you Aunty Moira. You made the blog!!
Two days ago we got a quick visit with my Aunt while she was in New Westminster between various trips (back home to Scotland and to Seattle for a wedding). Not long enough but all we could squeeze it at that time. Paige's face is this way because she was supposed to go to the water park with her class in the morning but due to the crappy weather we are having around here it was cancelled and they had a fun afternoon in the classroom instead. With face painting! 

Well, that's the latest from our little corner. Tomorrow is Sports Day at school ... I really hope the weather man is right and the sun is going to shine on us for once!! The girls and I decorated their bikes tonight ... okay, mostly I decorated their bikes while they played with the neighbour boys. Sigh. 

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