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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is celebrating its 145th Birthday today! As normally subdued (despite being fiercely patriotic) people, today it was nice to see a sea of red and white at the annual Pancake Breakfast in  Ladner. I recently did a layout about this breakfast and what Canada Day means to me - see it here and here - so I though some updated images were in order. Here are some from earlier today.
We just picked up our breakfast tickets and are heading back to get in line for pancakes. Definitely fewer people today - scared off by the sprinkles and grey skies no doubt!

LC and I enjoying our pancakes.

Greg, Marley and Paige doing the same!

Greg vamping with Marley! Is he 42 or 12? Hmmm ....

The cake! Every year there is a cake that looks very similar to this one. They bring it un-decorated and place the fresh, local strawberries in it just before serving it. LOVE the local strawberries!!

I got a tattoo too!!

The girls enjoying their cake.

Well, Greg is now fully engrossed in the World Cup Final (soccer for those of you not in the know - I am sad to be IN the know!!) After the game, and assuming this tiny bit of sunshine holds, we are going to be checking out the Canada Day festivities in Surrey later. Maybe even stay for the fireworks! 
Have a great day everyone. Show your Canada pride!!

PS - in case you didn't click on the links above (and why didn't you, I ask?!) I have been chosen to be a contributing designer for Practical Scrappers!! I am super excited! I've been trying to increase my blog traffic as well as get my creations more widely recognized so this is awesome!! But no Greg, this will not fill the family coffers!! Purely for bragging rights! Hee, hee, hee!


  1. Happy Belated Canada Day from Alberta! Looks like you all had a great day. The cake looks so yummy!! We spent the weekend at the lake with the kids just relaxing. Welcome to the Practical Scrappers team!!

  2. Love your blog. I just found it through Practical Scrappers. Congratulations on being chosen for the design team. It is nice to see a fellow Canadian chosen. I am happy to become a follower of your blog!!! If you have a minute to check mine out that would be great!!