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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Mysterious Blog Hop and Candy Giveaway

I came across this post while on Leah the Orange's site and it seriously piqued my interest. Since getting into this whole scrapbooking thing I've had lots of fun and quite a bit of success participating in Blog Hops, Blog Candy giveaways and other contests. So I'm psyched for this one! Have NO IDEA what it's all about but I'm just glad I found it in time!!

I'll let you know or you can check it out for yourselves ...

On a quick personal note ... I finally finished a LO for the Design Dollies! Yay! I THINK I may even make one of the deadlines this time! It was a challenge but I'll talk about that when I post it. Since it's already past 11PM I'm going to wait to post pics til tomorrow.

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