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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hooray for the Everyday!

I was feeling a bit low the other day when I read this post from Ali Edwards. She has always struck me as being one to celebrate the every day things, occurances, and memories. That is one thing I am trying to do with my scrapbooking. Taking pictures of the big holidays and the special occasions is one thing but remembering and documenting the everyday things is good too. It also helps me to focus on the everyday in a positive way. I have a little secret to share ... I've been not so happy for quite awhile now. It may be a delayed PPD type thing or just a "I've finished having kids, finished my schooling so now what" thing (at almost 37 I think I'm too young for it to be menopause or a mid-life crisis!!) Whatever it is, it's really affecting how I relate to Greg, my kids and the everyday tasks that I am responsible for. So thank you Ali for reminding me to celebrate the little things!

On a similar vein I ran across another post called 4 Simple Goals (before 2011 ...) The basic premise is to publically commit to carrying out 4 things before the end of the year. They should be fairly easy to accomplish and should enrich your daily life. Well, my dily life could use some enriching so ... I'm going to participate. Last November I did a personal challenge to post a Gratitude every day for 15 days. Some days I found it a bit challenging but at the end of the 2 weeks I found my attitude had improved and I really liked that! In the vein of not adding more to my plate (which is pretty full already!) I am going to keep these goals ridiculously easy. That way I should actually be able to reach them! Right?

Here goes ...
Goal #1 - eat more fruits and vegetables. If I were to calculate how many servings of fruit/veg I have in a day it would be embarrassingly low! Like those V8 commercials I need to smack myself on the forehead!! I have a tendency to grab whatever is easiest/closest to snack on without regard to calories, salt, carbs etc. Goal #2 - to move more. And this won't involve trips from the couch/computer to the fridge!! LOL! I was running regularly until I injured my knee a couple months ago but I've been fitted for a knee brace and I've seen a physio so ... soon, I'll be good to run again. Yay! With school starting up next week I'll naturally be moving more as I walk Marley to school everyday and since LC is old enough now, we'll be doing the Parent and Tot gymnastics and swim lessons together.
Goal #3 - to limit my Facebook time. Greg will probably turn cartwheels when he reads this! The past couple weeks I've been spending WAY too much time on the computer doing nothing. Wasting time. Actually, trying to escape! It's hurting my family so it's got to stop.
Goal #4 - find a job. This should maybe be goal #1 as we are starting to feel the pinch of growing kids and a stagnant single salary income. But I am choosing to focus on getting my head better before my wallet!

Okay, there we go. It's now "out there" and I trust you all to keep me honest!
Thanks for listening!!


  1. Love the goals you've set - I've found myself needing to follow many of them as well. I stink at fruits & veggies - totally a carb addict :) I also spend too much time on the internet - just surfing mostly - not accomplishing nearly as much as I could be . . . the "moving" I have kept up with - just walking everyday - trying to keep ahead of the impending weight gain of pregnancy (although the carbs are counterproductive) - best of luck with all your goals!!!!

  2. Way to go Alison! I had a bit of a delayed PPD thing after my second, so I was really worried about what would happen with this, my third. I've definitely had moments, but so far, so not so bad. I definitely could work with you on the first three goals! (Not worried too much about work right now-still on mat leave.) I'll keep you honest if you bug me, too! Hugs, Roxy.