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Thursday, September 23, 2010

18 months ... already!

LC (Little Christine) is 18 months old today.

She may not have been TOTALLY planned, and I may have been more than a little bit bummed that she wasn't the boy we were hoping for, but she has turned out to be such a Treasure. She is intelligent, adventurous, mischievious, and BUSY. So very busy! Nothing is sacred anymore. Drawers that neither of the older girls showed any interest in are now regularly opened and the contents strewn about the house. We never did much baby proofing beyond the plug covers but now we have locks on most of our cupboard doors and I am planning to install them on the drawers soon. She hasn't gone into the knife drawer yet but I think it behooves me to get to it first!!

The other day Greg was out mowing (last mow of the year!) and LC tagged along. Here's what it looked like ...

What I love about LC is ...
... her grin
... her faces (she is SO expressive!)
... her giggle
... the way she goes to Marley for cuddles when she gets hurt
... the way she attacks the world around her without fear and with full abandon
... how cute she looks walking around with the thumb in her mouth and her blanket clutched to her cheek

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