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Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en Previews

I realize that Hallowe'en is still 2 days away but we've been hip deep in costumes and candy all week! Paige had her preschool Hallowe'en party on Wednesday ... here's our pretty in pink Princess Ballerina.

On Thursday there was a Family Fright Night event put on at the local Seniors Recreation Centre and the Boys and Girls Club. We decided to all go. Here they are; Hannah Montana, Princess Ballerina and a Chicken.

LC makes one seriously cute chicken! ALMOST makes we want to turn vegetarian! LOL!

Hope you all have a safe a happy Hallowe'en. These 3 cuties will be loading up their bags in a couple days so if you live in our neighbourhood ... watch out!

I forgot to add pictures from Marley's school costume parade yesterday. First up we have the Principal, Mr. Zerbe, who seemed to be channeling his inner Hair Band!

He's also heading to Mount Everest on Tuesday with Summits of Hope ... somehow I don't think the wig will be part of his gear!

And here's Hannah Montana again!

Today will be a busy day of swimming lessons, double birthday parties, decorating for Hallowe'en and cleaning for our guests tomorrow. Better get at it!! See you later!


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