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Friday, October 8, 2010

Just for the Cute of it!

Last Sunday I was driving home from a birthday party with Paige and LC in the van (Marley and Greg had left early to go to soccer.) Since it was after lunch time and both girls had been playing hard at the party, I wasn't surprised to see them both fast asleep when I looked in my rear view mirror. LC was due a nap and Paige is slightly narcoleptic in her car seat!! What I wasn't expecting was this ...

All together now ... "AWWWWW!!"

In other news, I had a birthday (37th if you're counting!) Here are some pictures:

Opening presents - somewhat challenging with LC sitting on my lap.

Marley's "fancy writing". 

Apparantly the theme was "make Mommy smell good" - I got a tube of hand cream and 3 different lip gloss tubes.
We ALL had to model the lip gloss!
A few days later my brother and Greg's sister and their families came over to help keep the celebrations going. Greg organized everying; the guest list, the time, the place, the food .... Memphis Blues BBQ FEAST! Not exactly what I was expecting but it was enjoyed by all. And yes, we had no need for meat proteins for a few days after!!

Matthew chowing down on a rib.

Not sure what LC actually ate - maybe just the baked beans and the fries. Oh well.

Paige was very happy to have me load up her plate and did her best. I somehow missed getting a pic of Sophie - that's the top of her head at the bottom of the picture! Sorry Soph!!

Marley LOVES pulled pork!

Jasper gave it all a miss and opted for PB&J instead!

Sadie (LOVE those curls!) drinking her milk.

Griffin with a milk goatee!

This is Auntie Christine's "Meat Feast Face". Personally it looks to me like that's what her arteries are saying!! LOL!

Behold! MEAT!!!!

And the instigator of the MEAT - Greg. Thanks for a great birthday hon!!

As for my scrapping life; I have been working on an album about our trip to Hawai this past March but instead of posting each page as I complete it I am going to wait and post the finished album all at once. I'm getting there!! Slowly but surely. I'll also have my September layout for Project 12 soon. I receive emails from Ali Edwards and she just posted about her annual December Daily. I looked at this project last year and thought it looked like a whole load of work that I didn't have time for. And I didn't really. What with the girls' activities, my schooling, Paige's preschool and everyday life, it was hectic. But that was then and this is now ... and now I am seriously considering doing it. The album Ali just posted looks so easy! Hmmmm .... I'll keep you posted and let you follow my prgress should I decide to do it.

Well, thanks for tuning in, see you later.

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