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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

For the second year in a row we have hosted "Hallowe'en Chez Day". This is a combination of celebrating Griffin's birthday (Oct 28th) and then letting the cousins loose on our candy centric neighbourhood! Suffice it to say that no birthday cake was required this year as the kids were overly primed to get out Trick or Treating!! (Read: bouncing off the walls by 5PM.) Here are a few pictures that capture the scene.

Dinner - the kids table from centre going counter clockwise; Kieran, Griffin, Jasper, Paige, LC, and Marley.

The Birthday Boy. Not so impressed with turning 2 I think. Or maybe it was being forced to drink from the Princess cup - LOL! We're a little short on boy themed stuff in this house!
The birthday present opening chaos. To be honest, I"m not sure how many of Griffins presents he actually got to open himself. He had a lot of "help" from his bigger cousins! Marley was the official card reader - now that she's mastered reading she grabs every opportunity to  practice. Awesome!

The cousins all set to fill their bags with candy!
From the top: Buzz Lightyear (a.k.a. Jasper), Hannah Montana (a.k.a. Marley), The Cutest Chicken on the Planet (a.k.a. LC), Princess Ballerina (a.k.a. Paige), Monkey #1 (in darker costume - a.k.a. Kieran), Monkey #2 (a.k.a. Griffin) and last but definitely not least, The Cutest Bumble Bee on the Planet (a.k.a. Zoe).

It's not the greatest picture but this is what our house looked like. The girls made a lot of pumkins, bats, cats and ghosts for the windows and Marley made a really good witch (in the window just above the jack'o'lanterns). I know that Hallowe'en is starting to take over from Christmas in popularity but I refuse to go crazy with decorations (so far). We threw these up earlier in the day and took them down the next day. Call me a Hallowe'en Scrooge but seriously, it's a holiday based on pagan rituals. NOT going there!!

At a neighbours waiting to yell out "Trick or Treat!"

LC figured things out REALLY quickly! She insisted on holding one of our hands (good girl) but fairly tore up and down the drives to get her fair share of the loot. And of course because she is so darn cute, she tended to get extra!!

I spied this at a house and had to take a picture.
Hope you all had a safe and happy Hallowe'en!

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