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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indulge me if you will ...

** I have hopefully fixed the settings on those video links so you should be able to view them now. Sorry about that!!**

Beware! This is a "proud Mama" post!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!

I finally retrieved various videos from my camera (for whatever reason they don't download at the same time as my still pictures) and would like to share a few with you now.

Video #1 - Paige's Holiday Jingle. They entered in a train (the music was from the Polar Express) and then did their circle time warm up exercises. I caught the tail end of this before they broke off to go to different stations. The first time through the circuit Paige was tentative. It looked like she was overwhelmed as well as having trouble remembering what they'd practiced. The second time through she found her groove.

Video #2 - Marley doing skips in ballet class. This was the only video I was able to take due to LC's antics. It's kind of poor but ... what the hey! They put on a big show in June so I'm sure I'll bore you all again with tons of videos!! (insert evil laugh here!)

Video #3 - Paige's ballet class. They did a little routine where they are toys in a toy shop. This one shows them doing it with the prompts from Miss Katie. I have another where they have to remember all the different parts and it's pretty funny! They're all looking around at each other to see what they're supposed to do!

Well, thanks for indulging my Mama Moment!!

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