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Monday, September 5, 2011

Last days of summer

A picture heavy post to show what we've been up to this long, last weekend of summer.
On Sunday we picked up Aunt Moira and went to the water park at Queen's Park.
Isn't she adorable? The fact that she got into my MAC blush and painted our bathroom with it on Friday (the continuing saga of Hurricane Christine) is all forgotten when I see pictures like this!

Marley had fun throwing water at LC. Surprisingly, she liked it too!

Another cute one of LC - with a rainbow in the background no less!

Ice creams.

Sadie, having a quiet moment in the trees. 

After some fun on the playground, we said goodbye to Aunt Moira and went over to Andrew's for a bbq and some fun in their pool.

Or, in LC's case, the water table. She was plunked into the pool and promptly screamed the neighbourhood down so ... water table it was!

Marley and Matthew had a sword fight with the pool noodles. I did the proper parenting thing and snapped some pictures while others warned them about getting out of hand and "it's only fun til someone gets hurt". :)

And today ... Labour day ... last day before the first day of school ...
we took a family outing to Lynn Canyon. 
Starting with lunch 'cus it took us that long to get organized and out the house this morning so fueling the little walkers was necessary before we tackled the bridge.

Here's Greg and Marley (Paige is hidden behind Marley) on the bridge. It was a lot more sway-y (yes, I'm making up words today!) than I remembered. But we all made it safely and none of the girls freaked out even a little bit! Yay!

The crew. 

Greg took the camera for a bit so I could actually be in some shots! Amazing. Me in the pictures!!

There was no way I was taking LC over those rocks to hang out with Greg and the older girls by the creek so we stayed back until Greg could come back and carry her. I wasn't far behind and took back my camera for a bit. 

I think I've shown pictures of LC throwing rocks into water before so you shouldn't be surprised that she loved this part of the trip. We had a hard time convincing her to keep going up the trail!

Sometimes the rocks were pretty big! 
But don't worry, no one got hurt!!

"Did you see that big splash, Mommy?"

Isn't he handsome?

My models. Even Paige is starting to ham it up for the camera now!

Well, Kindergarten and Grade 2 start tomorrow. Eek! I think I may be as excited as the girls.
Hope you all had a good summer.
Welcome, September. Welcome, fall routines. 

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  1. You've got some great shots there, love the bathing suit in the first - is that a tutu? Nice to see you in some, too! How was the 1st day of school? No real mishaps here, phew! Hugs, Roxy!