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Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Overdue Back to School Post

School has been back in session for almost 2 weeks now and I STILL haven't posted Back To School pictures yet. What is wrong with me?! Just busy, that's all! Juggling the gradual entry schedule, figuring out what activities we've signed the girls up for and when they are (missed LC's first gymnastics class - doh!), starting a new blog which will be dedicated to my Stampin' Up! projects (check it out here), working on some projects for Jonina and also trying to appease Greg's wish for me to get  "real job" by dropping off some resumes at local businesses. As you can see, life has continued at light speed around here!

So .... some updates on the many goings on so far this month.

Heading off for the first day of school!

Paige started Kindergarten this year and today is the last day of her Gradual Entry schedule. It has been a painful experience! The first week they attended class for a 45 minute Open House on Tuesday, 45 minutes again on Wednesday and then a whole hour and half on Thursday and Friday! Not sure why they don't think these 5 year olds can handle longer since most of them have been in some sort of day care situation previously or have at least attended preschool! This week has been slightly better (although not by much!). Monday she stayed until 10:20 again, Tuesday it was 11:20 which meant she finally got to eat snack at school, Wednesday she stayed until 12:30 and ate snack AND lunch (a red letter day for sure!!) and then yesterday and today she is dismissed at 1:30. 

Here's Paige on her first day of Kindergarten (the Open House day!) 

Practicing how to line up in the morning.

LC thought she'd practice too. It's never too early, right?

Paige's best friend Sarah is in her class this year (insert choir of angels here!)

Playing with Sarah (and LC ... sort of) at the Kindergarten Open House.

LC making herself at home in Paige's classroom.

Not to be out done, it was also Marley's first day of Grade 2.
She spent the first day with her teacher from last year, Mrs Lumsdon.

After school (Marley was dismissed at 12) I took the girls to McDonald's to celebrate.

Not the healthiest lunch, I know, but it happens very rarely now and I felt that the first day of Kindergarten deserved to be celebrated properly. Paige has been so excited to start school since the day she turned 5. It was hard for her to only go for brief periods each day last week. This week has been much better. I think she finally feels like a part of the school. Eating snack, going out at recess and staying for lunch really helps with that. 
She did say today "we have to go to school again?!?!" 
Ah, yes. Welcome to your new reality, Paige! School is every day for the rest of your life!!! 
Mwah, ha, ha, ha!!! 

Sorry, was that out loud?!

But getting back to the story ... last Wednesday Marley found out who her new teacher is and where her new classroom is. 
Here's her desk.

And her new teacher, Mrs Baker.
We were very happy to find out she'd be in Mrs Baker's class as we have heard really good things about her. As added bonuses, several of Marley's friends are in this class (including her BFF (her words not mine! *sigh*) Amanda) and Paige's Kindergarten classroom is just across the hall. 

Well, that's it. The girls are settling in nicely. Oh, I forgot to mention, Paige is in a K/1 split class and our neighbour across the street is in the Grade 1 part of her class. We are happy she has so many friends already in that class as that eases her anxiety about the newness of it all. Plus, she is with Mrs Brind, Marley's old Kindergarten teacher, which is another familiar face. I think this year is going to be awesome for both girls!

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  1. I meant to leave you a message on this post, oh, a week ago - oops, sorry, bad blogger friend I am! Oh my, just had to run the dog out for the sloppiest poo ever, yuck! OK, now relaxin' with the coffee, and I just have to say, what's up with that kindergarten schedule? Sucky! Glad I never had to go through that! I take it she's in half day? Both my kids did full day, and I remember Nolan was sooooo tired for the first week or so, but it worked out in the end! Looks like they have nice teachers and a nice school, so I'm sure it will be great. I had to laugh at you looking for a "real job", Jason's been bugging me to do that too. It's hard to find the time with a toddler at home, isn't it? One I'm actually (mostly) qualified for requires a Class 4 driver's, so I picked up the book to study for the learner's, and that's about as far as I got. It's just so much more fun to scrapbook and go to Strongstart with Brenna. Maybe I can sell my eggs!