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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Right now ...

This is one of those "are you KIDDING me" posts?

If you are friends with me on Facebook you saw the lovely picture of poo that I posted last night. That was LC's little gift to the world. Black nuggets of poo. On the carpet. Yup. LOVE being a mom!

Today, as I was catching up on my blogs (Ali Edwards, MotherLOAD etc) (oh, yeah, how selfish of me to try to take some time to myself, right?) LC was busy getting into the giant, heavy, earthenware pot of flour in the laundry room. She was quite upset when I insisted she wash her hands at the bathroom sink rather than get one of the wipes from my craft table that she came in looking for. Then the time out was also not greeted with much enthusiasm. Paige was trying to clean up the spilt flour (did I happen to mention that I recently - like, 2 days ago - purchased a 10kg bag of flour so the flour bin was very full?) with a dish cloth which as you know was just creating a lovely pastey mess. Good on her for trying. Better luck next time.

So, I cleaned everything up, made sure all were happy and entertained once more and returned to my office to continue reading.

Then I heard suspicious noises. Like something being dropped over the bannister.

Upon investigation I found LC at the upstairs railing and a dozen or so wipes on the floor below. Hmmm ... not good.

I ran up the stairs, my heart in my stomach, dreading what I pretty much knew I'd find.

One empty (also purchased 2 days ago) box of baby wipes. One new redecorated playroom. One slightly guilty looking 5 year old (who knew she should have come to find me before it got to that point) and one REALLY happy looking 2 year old. "Look at what I did Mommy!"

Release the monster!

I'm not proud of this but I screamed. I mean that deep, from the belly button (I'm sure my lamaze coach would have been proud) scream of anger and frustration. Twice. Poor Paige. I'm sure I'll be paying for her therapy sessions in a few years. "When I was 5 my Mom screamed at my younger sister and that was when I started drinking."

You have to understand something. I love LC. Really. I was just talking about her with my friend Sandra, saying how even though she put me through  9 months of hell, it hasn't affected my relationship with her. If anything I love her more than even the other two (again, future therapy topics!) But Holy Cow can she drive me nuts! At this moment in time, if someone rang my doorbell and said "I'm buying children do you have any for sale?" I'd jump at the chance! Before you critics out there say I got what I deserved for not keeping my eyes on her, know this. She is Trouble. Yes, with a capital T. If there were a team of adults being paid to keep their eyes on her at all times, she'd still find a way to get into trouble. She's curious about life. Some would say this is a good quality that will serve her well later in life. And I'm sure it will. LATER in life! Right now, it's seriously going to get her sold to the next gypsy caravan that drives down my street!

And it's only 10:30 in the morning!!! Sigh. Time to come out of my cave and see what other treats she has in store for me today.

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  1. Hahaha! You make me laugh, "That was when I started drinking!" OOOEEE, if that was the case, Ailis would be an alcoholic right out of the womb from all the yelling I do at her brother! Right now, I am in my room with the door locked because Nolan was threatening to smash my computer (I wouldn't let him play computer games, how dare I?) He is likely to do it, too, he threw his bike down the concrete stairs the other day because he was in a rage! It's funny, they just come out that way. He's always taken up 100 times more energy then Ailis, and now Brenna too. I could handle twenty of each of them to one of him. Grr, can't wait until school starts, so glad it's Tuesday instead of Wednesday! Good luck this weekend, and then we're home free, right? Hugs, Roxy. Oh, PS - yes that store is in Williams Lake. It's great, they have EVERYTHING! And I had nothing but probs recently with Explorer, switched to Google Chrome and I can go anywhere!