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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bad Mommy Catch Up Post!

Wow. I should be nominated for Worst Mommy Blogger of the Year! I just realized today that I forgot to do a Happy Birthday post for Paige. My poor middle child! So shafted!! Her 6th birthday was last Sunday and we had a super busy day. Here are some highlights ...

The traditional height taking as soon as she got up.

Not sure if you can even see her new height what with all the additional ... er, decorations! She is now 45.5" - almost tall enough for some of the wilder rides at Disneyland in a couple weeks!

Then there was the opening of presents before breakfast.

The shrink jewelry making kit I found was a big hit.

Examining all the new things while I "cooked" the toaster waffles. Yes, I was feeling lazy that morning!

Then it was off to Go Bananas in Richmond for her 11:00am birthday party.

The party girls!

I can't seem to NOT take pictures of this cutey!!

Fooling around with the party hats.

Cake time!

And then presents.

We had the party room booked for 1.5 hours and I was worried it wouldn't be enough time but we almost didn't need it. Even though the party included a hotdog and drink for each guest, the girls were definitely more interested in playing downstairs than in eating. The room was used (by them) as more of a snack bar with revolving door! At least we were finished with it before the kid at the party next to ours started throwing up!! Yuck!

Paige had to leave her party at 1:00 and motor over to her first field hockey game ever. I had one Mom completely forget to pick up her kids so I only caught the last few minutes of the game. Paige looked completely comfortable out there!

Christine got to spend some time with her boyfriend, Levi. He lives across the street and the two of them are inseparable! It's so cute ... now. 10 years from now we'll be having a little talk though!!

I brought the leftover cake and fruit for the team to snack on after the game.

And then Marley played her game directly afterwards. 

To round out the day we went out for Sushi (Paige's choice) after a family "quiet time" to recover from our busy first half of the day. Paige had a really great day. She did not want to leave her party to go and play field hockey but that was the only "incident" all day. She is really growing and maturing so much!
We met with her Kindergarten teacher a few days ago (despite the job action, our school held parent teacher interviews this past week and I am SO glad they did!) and it was just so heart warming to hear all the glowing things she had to say about Paige. How hard she works. How well she's liked. How helpful and cooperative she is. We were worried about her as she has speech issues and can get very anxious about new experiences to the point that she shuts down. But so far, none of our fears have amounted to anything. She is working hard and making strides with her speech. Her reading and spelling are exactly where they are supposed to be for her age. And socially, she is well liked and has an ever growing circle of fine friends. 
Way to go Paige! Your Dad and I are so proud of you! Keep up the good work!!

And now for some things that happened earlier last week ...

Yep,  you're seeing correctly. Paige lost her first tooth! Popped out during dinner on Wednesday the 12th. 

Paige was a bit surprised (mostly that it didn't hurt!) but so unbelievably proud of that new gap!!

And of course, the Tooth Fairy came and left her a shiny new Toonie!

That same day she got this sweet little suede bag from my Aunt Moira. Do you remember when we had to run sneak attacks to get pictures of Paige? Well, now she's into her "model pose" phase. Sigh. All I ask is for a normal picture! Oh, and Aunt Moira, thanks for the bag. Paige loved it so much she took it to school the next day for sharing. 

Well, we are rapidly approaching today's field hockey games so I'd better finish this and get the girls ready. Greg has started Mockingjay today so I may be on my own!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!!

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