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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Little Activist

Marley has long been obsessed with birds. In particular, owls. Several months ago I dug out an old book of mine called "Granny's Gang" which is about the goings on at a wild bird shelter specifically, with owls. She has read it at least twice and last week asked to take it to school to share with her classmates. She's also been busy creating "Owl Awareness" posters and getting them put up in various classrooms and the front office.

She's on a mission.

I'm not totally sure what her mission is but she sure is passionate about it! For her birthday she asked for donations instead of gifts. She raised over $100 most of which went to her Aunt Christine's Ride to Conquer Cancer team (Team Finn). But she had some put aside some for her favourite charitable society O.W.L - The Orphaned WildLife Society.

Today we got the chance to hand over her donation as O.W.L was having their annual Open House. Here are some pictures from the event.
Two red-tailed hawks were released back into the wild.

The girls got to go fishing for prizes.

No luck with the bigger prizes - just lollipops all around.

There's the gang chatting up a very nice lady about her hawk and sanctuary.

This is Phoenix, a 4 year old female Harris hawk. Gorgeous, no?

Marley brought one of her posters and showed it to this lady. It's too bad you can't see it, she did a really great job on them.

Putting in her birthday donation money.

This is Sarah - a 4 year old barn owl saying hi to the visitors in the hospital area.

And here is the little owl that started the whole love affair with Marley.
Snoopy the saw-whet owl.
Marley first met him when O.W.L came to her school a couple years ago. She liked birds before meeting him, but afterwards become completely smitten! Not hard to see why - he's pretty cute!!
He was hanging out in the office where Marley got to talk to some really nice ladies about her campaign. They loved her poster hung onto it. They told her that as soon as she turns 13 she can volunteer at O.W.L. Best news ever! She's on the 5 year count down now!!

This post may sound a little tongue in cheek but that is simply because I'm not sure what to make of Marley's passion and drive. I love that she feels so much for these beautiful creatures. I love that she's worried about their welfare and wants to help in any way she can. I love that she believes she can make a difference.
This must be a symptom of her generation. The knowledge that she can make changes even at the tender age of 8. Not something I would ever have dreamed possible! I think I may be forced out of my comfort zone with her!! I sense great things if I can only get our of her way and let her take it as far as she wants to.

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