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Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest Happenings Around Here

Happy Easter everyone. We have enjoyed a sunny long weekend - something we've been waiting for. The sun that is! Today was historic! We all went for a bike ride on the Dyke! Greg and Marley have been helping Paige get comfortable on her "new" bike (Marley's old bike) so we decided to test out her new found confidence.

My Orthopedic Surgeon told me that running was OFF my list of approved physical activities and that cycling was now my new best friend. So ... I dusted off my bike several weeks ago but today was the first time I've been able to take it out. That's Christine in the Chariot. She was initially pretty upset that we wouldn't let her take her "new" bike (Paige's old one that we put the training wheels back on) but she soon settled into the comfort of having the Chariot to herself!

Here are Paige and Greg catching up to Marley  and I. She had a huge grin on her face! So proud of her!!

Marley, scanning for owls while we wait for Greg and Paige to catch up. This year marks the return of the Snowy Owls to Boundary Bay Dyke. Every year some stop here on their migratory trek north but every 4 years they come in the huge numbers to feed on some sort of rodent that is on a 4 year population explosion cycle of its own! We didn't see any today but I wasn't expecting too. Not in the bright sunshine! We did see a different owl which you will see below.

Greg and Marley took off and I kept Paige company. At the 72nd Street entrance we asked her if she wanted to turn around or keep going. She said "keep going" but within a few meters she was complaining of sore legs so she and I turned back. The next few shots were taken at the rest area at the 72nd entrance where we stopped for a snack and some water.

On our (painfully slow) return journey back to the 64th Street entrance (and our van) we saw an owl fly across our path and around the grasslands next to the Dyke before coming to rest here. I've zoomed in as much as I can (while still being able to identify that it's an owl ... okay, bird of some sort!) - it's the grey-brown thing on top of that transformer post. 

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and the girls got their requisite ration of chocolate. Greg's parents were looking after his nephews so the four of them came over for an Easter Egg hunt and an early birthday celebration for Paige.
The morning chocolate surprises.

The afternoon egg hunt. 

Griffin (and Jasper) couldn't find the Easter bags they brought so we used the girls' old Hallowe'en buckets (McDonald's Happy meal leftovers!)

Marley was very good about helping Jasper and all the younger kids find eggs too.

But she wasn't afraid to take her share!

Some were hidden in plain sight up high so Marley found most of those!

I went through the approximately dozen shots I took of the group and NONE of them are great. This one is probably the best of the lot. sigh.

Enjoying the fruits of their labour!

Paige's cake. Yes, it's a carrot cake! Also, it was Easter and Spring so ... the decor came easily.

Paige looked a little ... er, shell shocked. Not sure what happened during dinner but she was "having a moment"!

Despite that, she blew out her candle and enjoyed a piece of cake like a trooper!

After cake was the promised "Birthday Horsey ride" from Grandpa.

Griffin bumped his head and got cuddles from Grandma.

Paige's gifts included a new Barbie - this one with extra long hair extensions!

And the game Hiss which is fast becoming a favourite in the Day/Nielsen clan.

Breaking in the new game.

Thanks for stopping by. Paige's birthday is on Sunday and we've managed to squeeze in a birthday party at Go Bananas before her field hockey game! Gonna be a busy weekend!! Have a great week everyone!

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