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Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Friday Update

No pictures today. I have purposefully not taken my camera with me this week. I realize that documenting a week in the life without the girls is probably something most scrappers would do, but I have chosen to spend this week organizing the memories I've already documented rather than adding a bunch of new photos to the pile.

What does that look like, you ask? Well, do you remember my basket of random memories to scrap? Okay, maybe I'll show you one picture but you've seen it before so it doesn't really count!

It started out as a great idea but I found myself adding to it a lot and scrapping from it a little. What this led to was an overflowing basket and a frustrated scrapper who spent far too long trying to dig out a story to tell from the basket than was appropriate. Also, the photos and memorabilia weren't necessarily together so I'd often come across something I'd meant to add to a layout long after the layout had been created. 

Anyone else out there experience this?

With the girls away this week I decided to pull out a few projects that needed a bit of space to accomplish - leaving things out and knowing they wouldn't get "messed with" was a huge bonus! The first project was to get a head start on my Disneyland album. I had ordered a bunch of Disney related papers and products and an album so once the girls left this was the first thing I pulled out. I took a page out of Shimelle Lain's handbook and cut most of the patterned paper into boxes and strips and created starting point layouts. I've got about 18 of these ready to go now - how awesome is that? All they need are the pictures which I picked up from Costco a couple days ago. I WAS planning to get this album scrapped this week but when I started the "cleaning out the basket" task I realized it wasn't going to happen and I'm okay with that. I can easily work on these layouts when the girls are around now that a lot of the preplanning is done. They may even be able to help me with some of the story telling.

This basket is turning into a MUCH LARGER project than I'd anticipated. Perhaps it was naive of me to think that organizing 10 years of family memories (plus another 28+ years of pre-Greg memories) was achievable in a couple of days!! I have started with the pictures. I had put a whole pile into topic categories for Stacey Julien's Twelve class but I found my brain doesn't think categories so much as events and (gasp) chronology. So, I first had to un-do what I'd spent a fair bit of time doing at the beginning of Twelve before I could move forward. Moving forward looked like creating picture file tabs and sorting those loose photos into chronological order. As of this post I have sorted the ones from my Twelve file folder but the basket is still taunting me with its piles and piles of pictures left to sort. Sigh. And we have to go pick up the girls today. Double sigh. 

Don't get me wrong. I am more than ready to pick up my girls! I've missed them and am ready to take them back again. Plus I know Grandma Day is MORE than ready to pass them back to me so she can rest!! I can not say enough how awesome she and Grandpa Day have been this past week and a bit!! However, I know that means my ability to work uninterrupted goes *POOF!* and it also means I have to clear off the dining room table and move everything back into my tiny office so the girls don't "mess with my stuff!" 

Hopefully I have enough momentum to keep me going! Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, the other thing I've been doing this week ... handing out resumes in an attempt to find a part time job. Not something I'm embracing with wholehearted excitement but a necessary task at the moment. If only someone would pay me a ton of money to stay home and scrapbook all day!! LOL!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. How do you keep your photos and memories organized? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Maybe glean some new ideas too!! 

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