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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Well, the day has arrived. My 39th birthday.


Actually, it's not that bad so far. Last night Greg took me out to see the Whitecaps battle the Seattle Sounders (no score despite several good chances on both sides including a nail bitingly close one in the dying seconds from the Whitecaps!) We got to see a real life celebrity (Drew Carey) and then went into Yaletown for dinner. All in all a fun evening. Today it was early morning soccer game (which the birthday girl begged out of), lunch out courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Day and then Marley's opening day of Basketball (at the same time as Paige's soccer game). Tonight we are going out for sushi. Pretty low key day but I'm okay with that!

Here are some pictures from yesterday ...
I've never attended a soccer game at the newly renovated BC Place so this was all pretty exciting for me. This is the Pre-Game festival - booths, games, food, drumming group ... you name it!

The roof was open!! Looks SO much better than that ratty old dome!

Wouldn't you know, our seats were directly in front of the NBC Sports broadcast booth! This is what sportscasters do before air time - check their Twitter feeds!!

I've always enjoyed the Canucks pre-game hype up show but the Whitecaps one beat it BIG TIME!!

Biggest. Flag, Ever!

Just in case you forgot who to root for!!

Fireworks too.

Proof of life! LOL!

Our half time entertainment came in the form of one Mr Drew Carey! Yup. Mr Price is Right himself. In the flesh and at the broadcast booth at my feet. Our section gave him a bit of a hard time but he took it all in stride. There were a lot of calls of "Buzz Beer", "The price is wrong" and "I bid a dollar". The one fan (a Whitecaps fan) who asked for a picture with him got boos and jeers of "traitor!" (he's one of the owners of the Seattle Sounders) but it really was all in good fun. We're Canadian after all. We're too polite to be intentionally mean!

Getting Drew settled at the booth.

The broadcasters had a hard time ignoring the crowd and Drew did his entire interview with a huge grin on his face!

Night has fallen. The dome looked pretty cool with the starry sky behind. It was cold though! Note to self: bring a blanket next time.

This is Jay DeMerit - the Whitecaps captain who came to talk to NBC after the game. Super cute. Super buff. And from all accounts, super nice too! Had to take a stalker pic.

Well, that was our little date night last night. Might get another one next season!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. For my scrapper pals (if any of you made it all the way through this NON scrappy post) don't forget to check out my post on Practical Scrappers and this companion post with giveaway! Tell your friends. I will add to the pot as the comment total rises!!

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  1. I'm glad you got to have a date, so fun! Drew looks like he lost a bit of weight? And you're so cute! You don't look a day over 38, haha!!! Jason turns 40 pretty darn quick, I'll have to get thinking on what I'm going to do to him, hmmmm... Anyway, happy birthday, big hugs from the cold wet north, ugh!