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Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Friday Update - Marley Turns 9!!

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This week (and the upcoming weekend) has been taken up with Marley's 9th birthday. Nine?! Really?! When did THAT happen?! Greg took her to the Canucks game on Tuesday (her actual birthday) so we had to reschedule the traditional Birthday Dinner to Sunday night. Our tradition is that the birthday girl (or boy in Greg's case - LOL!) gets to choose the restaurant where we all have dinner. Marley chose White Spot so here we are.

Marley and Christine goofing around opposite me.

"Take a picture of me, Mommy!" How could I say no?

Not sure what she's doing here ...

Christine's turn to get into Marley's picture.

Oh! Now I see where they get their goofiness from!

No seriously, THIS is how she posed for me! 
I'm surrounded by goofs!!

Grilled cheese and sweet potato fries in a boat. What could be better?

Sparklers and a sundae for the birthday girl!

In case you thought there wasn't going to be a craft component to this post, here is the card I made for Marley. The background paper is something I made for my new Staffer position at Scrapbook News and Review ... can't share that project with you though. If it makes the magazine this month I'll let you know!
Anyway, since I had a small piece of this hand stamped paper left over, and not a lot of time to get a card made ... simple does it!

On Tuesday morning I think Marley was a little underwhelmed at her birthday breakfast. I'd had a rough day on Monday fighting some nausea of unknown origin so just wasn't able to get anything organized - or even get out of bed early enough to greet the birthday girl in the manner she was probably expecting. She took it in stride. Such a great girl!!

Once Greg came home from work we measured her height - something we usually do first thing in the morning! 

She's now 135 cm (4' 5") or there abouts. Which means that technically she still needs a booster seat until she's 145cm (4'9"). Bummer.

Then it was time for presents. 

I found a pretty intense book on owls that Grandma and Grandpa agreed to give her (since we'd already purchased her presents but I knew how much she'd love this book! Thanks G&G!!)

The girls gave Marley "Owls in the Family" by Farley Mowatt (sensing a theme?) and this pretty journal I found at Pier1. Marley loves to write and I am always on the lookout for pretty sketch books or journals for her. And all the girls for that matter. I've got quite the stash actually!

And then the big present which was ...

Surprise, surprise! An owl print for her bedroom! 
Oh yeah, and the Rihanna tickets! :)
A rare Mommy and Marley date to look forward to in April!!

Paige and Christine had fun with the bubble wrap!! 
Christine is excited for Marley's birthday and by extension her own (which is imminent!) but Paige is feeling a bit of jealousy this year. I haven't seen this sort of reaction from her before so I'm a little at a loss of what to do. I get it. It's hard to see Marley get so much attention and she know she still has to sit through Christine getting all the attention in a few weeks before it's her turn in April. Lots of extra hugs seem to be doing the trick! Oh, and getting to meet many of the Canucks tonight with Greg helped a ton too!

So that's where we're at these days. Tomorrow is Marley's party, Sunday is soccer which I may actually get to see as I'm not working anywhere and then we're back to Monday. Which leads me a bit of sad news. I will be working my last shift at The Upstart Crow on Monday. The store is going to be shutting down over Spring Break while they expand their workshop space. It's pretty exciting really. It will completely change the focus of the store - from mostly retail with a side of classes and workshops to mainly classes and workshops with a side of retail. But reducing the retail shop means that so many sales Crows will not be needed. I am bummed, I'll not lie. But I'm pragmatic enough to understand how these things work. I still hold onto the hope that there will be space for me to hold workshops but only time will tell. I would ask a favour from my local readers. If you would like to see me teach a workshop, can you reach out to Megan at The Crow? Go onto their Facebook page or their website and make class suggestions. What classes would you like to see in the new space? Cards? Layouts? Scrapbooking for beginners? Introduction of multimedia techniques onto your pages? How to scrapbook faster? I've got a ton of ideas! If you'd prefer me to teach out of my home, I'm happy to entertain that option too. A monthly crop would be so much fun!! 

Anyway, enough whining. I know there are exciting things on my horizon. Can't wait to see what they are!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'll share pictures from Marley's party next Friday!

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