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Friday, April 29, 2011

5 on Friday - April 29th

Quick and Dirty ...

1. Will & Kate

I am unabashed in my Royalist attitudes but unwilling to get up at 1:00AM to watch it all live. So at 6:00AM (after a fairly restless night 'cus I couldn't stop thinking about the blasted wedding!) I went downstairs and zipped through my 6 hours of PVR'd footage.

He looked very handsome in his uniform.
She looked stunning in her gown.
The hats ... well, Eugenie sure gave them a run for their money!! Sheesh!

All in all, it was lovely and I wish them well.

2. Happy Birthday Andrew!!

My brother turned 41 yesterday but I was unable to call and wish him a happy birthday because he's currently in London! No, he wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding ... he's going to the wedding of his brother-in-law. I'm sure they are all getting swept up in the wedding fever in Britain (I'm a teensy bit jealous! Okay, a LOT jealous!) but I hope they took time out yesterday to celebrate him. Happy Birthday brother! Hope you're having a good time over there. See you when you get back! Oh, and say hi to all the rellies!!

3. Another Easter Pic

I could have added a whole lot of pictures here of the egg hunt out in Abbotsford last Sunday but, in the spirit of a quick post, I'm only going to tease you with one. These guys were quick and eager hunters - good thing there was plenty to go around! From the left we have: Luke, Miles, Paige, Jenna, Marley, Caleb and LC. Reid (21 months) was also in the hunt but didn't make the picture. Wee Drew (almost 5 months old) was the only one of the cousins to abstain! LOL!
It was nice to get together, let the kids run off their sugar highs, enjoy some good home cooking and then watch the Canucks lose in overtime. Okay, maybe that last bit wasn't so fun!

3. Young Drivers of Canada - Beware!!!

Seriously, should I be worried?

Our neighbours have these motorized toy Jeeps and the girls were tooling around in them last night (after Marley's field hockey practice).  The scariest part is that they (and I mostly mean Paige) tended to look at and talk to Peter and I while steering in the opposite direction!
Marley kept saying "only 9 more years until I get my driver's license!"
Ay yi yi!!!
I am NOT going to survive that. I'm sure of it!

Christine eventually jumped ship and hopped in with Marley. Not sure if she thought Marley was going faster or was a better driver ...  

5. T-minus 7 days!
Greg and I leave in one week!!!! So much to do, so little time!

Okay, that's it. I told you it would be short and sweet! Okay, okay, that's not exactly what I said! But you get the idea. Have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Now this is really an early start LOL. Not to worry - still have many years before they graduate to the parents car :) Yay to preparing for the road ahead!!
    Young Drivers of Canada