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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paige's Night Out!

Okay, so we all got a night out but since it was Paige's birthday, she was the star!
The back story is that Greg was attending a seminar put on by his Union at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond.

On Friday night they held a wrap-up dinner and since they wished to discourage drinking and driving, the Union put up it's attendees (and their families if they chose) at the hotel. We were all over that!
As it was Paige's birthday we thought it would be an extra special way for us as a family to celebrate her birthday and the hotel and the Union helped out. It was a really special night for Paige. AND she handled the spot light like a champ!

This was what our room basically looked like.

And this was what was waiting for Paige when we check in.

Yep, she's still wearing her Birthday Crown!

Here are a few pictures from the dining room.

Paige was serenaded by the whole room at one point during the evening and then a piece of cake and a candle was found and this happened ...
(it's a video but I can't get it to upload here!!)

This one was taken towards the end of the evening. LC is getting cuddles from Marley. It was so precious!!

The actual NIGHT in the hotel was not the most restful one I've ever experienced. I have more memories of being awake during the night than I do of waking UP during the night. This was mostly due to LC who was showing all the classic signs of being tired but once the lights were turned out and we all settled down to try to sleep, decided it was the right time to play hide and seek under the covers!
To say I am tired today is such a gross understatement!!

Greg has discovered the advantages to having 3 cute daughters - free food! We got their dinners for free last night and then the girls were allowed into the dining room this morning for breakfast. Better than whatever I would have scrounged for them once we got home!

When I don't get much sleep I can't eat very much so I just stole bites of fruit and pancakes from their plates!! :)

We definitely paid for the late night today but I think it was worth it in the end. Paige got to feel like a star and the rest of us got a night out from the usual!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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