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Friday, April 15, 2011

Paige is 5 today!

Today's 5 on Friday is all about Paige. Today she is 5 so here are 5 things about Paige.

1. She's growing so fast!

Today we measured her. See for yourself, she's closing the gap! 
There is probably about 1/2" height difference between Paige and Marley at 5, but last year the difference was more like an inch or more. 
No wonder she's been snacking like crazy and complaining about being tired all the time!

2. She's loves to help me.
Yesterday we made cupcakes to take to her preschool today. She had a lot of fun putting sprinkles on top!

Since it's almost Easter we decided to add Mini Eggs to the top too!
Paige and LC enjoyed a little snack of the leftover Mini Eggs.
 LC was pretty upset when I put the rest away. So upset that she snuck back into the kitchen and stole the eggs out of several of the cupcakes!! There is a very good reason we call her Trouble!!  

3. She is getting better being the centre of attention.
She has always hated being in the spotlight (and we are currently battling pre-pre-PRE-ballet performance jitters) but today she got the Birthday crown at the preschool and wore it all morning!

Even out on the playground! 

4. Her favourite colour is PINK!
That is probably no surprise, right? Well, I took it to the extreme when it came to her birthday presents this year. First we have a pink P is for Princess (and Paige) jewelry box ...

then we have a Pinkilicious game ...  

and finally a new pink (with flowers, polka dots and butterflies - what could be better?) comforter.

She has been using a combination of her baby blankets and a blanket that Grandma crocheted for her but I felt it was time for a proper comforter. She's a growing girl after all!!  
Sorry about the quality of this picture. I had my camera in manual mode and forgot to change the settings after the bright sunny kitchen! Doh!

5. Why I love Paige.
I tried to interview her (like Ali Edwards interviewed her son Simon here) but she was being wholly uncooperative! So I have decided to just wax philosophical about her. :)
Paige is such a lovely little girl.
She is a study in opposites.
She loves to be active but is so lazy she rides in the stroller more the LC!
She is constantly talking but is still hard to understand (speach issues that are improving but we are a bit worried about.)
She desperately wants to be "big" (as I think she thinks this will magically mean she won't be afraid anymore) but fights our attempts to promote independence. Putting on her own seatbelt is still sometimes a challenge to get her to do it. As with walking to school - remember the stroller comment above? But she has been cutting her own food for months now!
She is left handed and along with that, left brained. Her creative side is off the charts!
She is (and I think this is Greg's favourite thing about Paige) VERY athletic. Naturally athletic. She had the opportunity to sub in on Marley's soccer team this past winter and outplayed a lot of the U6 girls on the team! She seems to have an innate ability to pick up new skills quickly. Awesome!
She's a bit of a clown. She may not like to have her picture taken much but she sure does love to make faces and get a laugh!
And last but certainly not least, she is a cuddler. If you're sitting on the couch for any reason at all, she will sniff it out and come for a suggle. I wonder how long this will last?

Well, there you have it. I did some crafty things for her birthday which I'll share later. Right now I have to switch the wash to the dryer, pack an overnight bag for the girls and myself, get Marley ready for ballet class and ... hmmm ... I forget but I'm sure there are several other things I've got to get done in the next, oh crap, 15 minutes! Gotta run!!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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