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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 6 - On board the Zuiderdam

Hi girls!!
Sorry this is SO late! You probably thought I wasn't going to post today and I admit to thinking it wouldn't happen either. The ship's satelite feed was out until just recently so no one was able to get onto the internet. But I am here now so here goes ...

It was a pretty lazy day and I really don't have too many pictures to show you.

We went to a cooking demo in the afternoon and learned how to make a Roast Beef and Arugula Crostini from Party Planner Katie (at least, I think her name's Katie). She's from Australia and was very funny.

After that we sat and enjoyed the glass of wine that came with the demo.

Last night was "Formal Night" here on board which basically means that everyone is supposed to get dressed up to go to dinner. They have photographers to take your pictures and the menu is more high class than normal. Daddy and I checked out the pictures today but they weren't good enough to buy.

This was our towel creature that greeted us when we got back from dinner. A stingray. Oh, and we also get chocolates every night too. Yummy!

We've really done nothing much today so I won't bother putting up a post about it. I'll just tell you now and then if we take any pictures I'll show them to you when we get home.
The seas were pretty rocky last night and while Daddy seemed to be able to be rocked to sleep by the waves, I was not. So this morning I got up earlier than Daddy and went for breakfast while he was showering. I needed to get out of our stateroom and get some fresh air! After that I went to the Spa and had a pedicure while Daddy went and listened to the Cruise Director tell everyone what to expect tomorrow morning during disembarkation. I ran into Bonnie (Eowyn and Farryn's Mom) and arranged to have dinner with them tonight. That should be fun! Daddy said he saw some whales today but I didn't. Boo hoo.
I tried to write this post earlier but the internet was down so I finished my book instead. Good  thing as I have book club on Sunday! After lunch we tried to see the movie Inception but there were no seats left so we went back to our stateroom instead and watched a different movie. I tried to read again but ended up falling asleep for a bit and now I'm blogging to you. So you see, kind of a nothing day!

Tomorrow I hope to get up really early and take some pictures of us entering Vancouver harbour. Shouldn't be a problem as I haven't been able to sleep well on board and tend to wake up often! Then we will disembark, fight our way through customs with all the other thousands of passengers arriving in Vancouver tomorrow (Grandpa said there are 5 ships docking tomorrow! Yikes!) and make our way to the skytrain and home. I can't wait to see you all!

Hope you had another good day at school today and ballet too. We'll see you tomorrow!
Love you all!

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