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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day three - Napa

Hi girls! How are you? By the time you read this it will be Tuesday - Daddy's birthday! I hope you can remember to send him an email to wish him a Happy Birthday. I think he'd like that!

Today we enjoyed a super yummy breakfast here at our hotel (I will take pictures tomorrow to show you, promise) and then we were picked up by a little tour bus for our wine tasting tour. There were 9 other people on the bus - a couple from Toronto, another from Montreal, a single lady from Seattle, a couple from Denver and the last couple was from Southern California - Ventura County. We were taken to 4 different wineries.

This was our bus driver/tour guide - Stanley - giving us a little talk at our first winery, Peju.

This is what the grapes look like right now. Teeny tiny baby grapes!!

Here's Daddy tasting wine at Peju.

Here I am in the beautiful gardens of Peju Winery.

This was at our second winery, Casa Nuestra. The man in the checked shirt is using a special tool (a pipette for wine - see below) to take some wine right out of a barrel to allow us to taste it.

Here he is pouring it into Daddy's wine glass. The reason he was taking it right from the barrel and not from a bottle was because the winery had only been able to acquire 2 barrels (not really very much wine for selling) and it still needs to age a bit more in the barrels. They will put what's left into bottles towards the end of the summer.

Here are some of the barrels of wine that Casa Nuestra had in their cellar.

The machine behind Daddy is an old wine press. Once the grapes are picked they are put in this and then squeezed to get the juice out to make the wine. Now it's just a sign though!

This winery was a little special because they had a couple goats. Daddy fed one some alfalfa cubes. The owners of the winery tried to use the goats to keep the weeds at bay but they developed a taste for the grapes and the grape vines so now they just get to hang out in their pen and get fed by tourists like us!
We got served lunch here so it seemed only fair to give the goats a snack too!

 After lunch we got back on the bus and headed to a 3rd winery, Arger-Martucci. We sat out on the patio and tasted some of their wine in their beautiful garden.

Our last stop was the most fun. This is the tasting room at Hopper Creek.

And here is our group!
A picture of me.

And Daddy and me.

Well, it's now Tuesday morning and I hope I've managed to get this finished before you guys went looking for it. I was having trouble uploading the pictures last night so gave up at about 11:30. Daddy had already fallen asleep!!
Have a good day girls. I love you!

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