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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Update Continued

Before I start inundating you all with scrapbook pages and homework assignments, I thought I'd get caught up on my family news. The girls are currently away at Granny Camp (Grandma and Grandpa Day take all 3 for several days to give us a break) so I've got all the time in the world ... right? It sure feels like it yet I'm still having trouble getting everything done that I want to!! Don't get me wrong, I am loving my "time off". It makes me realize just how all-consuming parenting is. When I'm not being asked (harrassed) every 15 minutes for a snack, I find that hours go by without even entering the kitchen and therefore I've been finding myself only eating when I'm hungry. What a concept! When I start a task (like sorting out our CD's) I can start it and finish it in one sitting. Calmly, rationally, and without interruptions. How divine!! I love my girls but I am starting to REALLY look forward to the time when they are all in school all day and I can have the freedom to work, and work around the house in peace.

That being said, let's get caught up on my monsters darlings!

The last thing I posted was about our outing to the waterpark at Granville Island on July 28th. On the 30th (the Saturday) Greg decided it was time to teach Paige how to ride her bike without training wheels. He took all 3 girls over to the school to try things out on the turf field. A bit of a softer landing should things go awry! Here's a couple pictures of Paige starting out.

Wheels are off ... ready to go!

Trying to figure it out on her own.

Getting some help from Greg.

Doing it!!! Briefly. But she did it!

LC on her bike (Paige's old one).
Greg said he ended up carrying LC's bike most of the way there and Paige pushed her bike. On the way back I think it was more of the same. We realized that both Paige and Marley are too big for their bikes. That means a new bike for Marley this Christmas and Paige will get her old bike. We tried her on it (lowering the seat as much as we could) but she was too scared as it was so much bigger than her current bike. Our little fraidy-Paige reared her head again! She's getting SO much better (waterslides at the waterpark, hi-fiving mascots at the parade - see below) but every now and then she reverts back to type.
Anyway ... way to go Paige! This is a huge step on what I know will be an exciting journey for her that will open up so many possibilities.

The next day we took the girls back to Granville Island. Not to the waterpark though. This time we were using it as the embarkation point to a walk around False Creek. We took the Aquabus from Granville Island to David Lam Park and walked all the way around the seawall back to Granville Island. I was worried the girls wouldn't make it but there was enough along the way to distract them from all the walking and they did great.

The beginning of our trip - walking through Granville Island to the ferry dock.

Paige was apprehensive about going on the Aquabus but as you can see, she quickly figured out how much fun it was.

LC on the otherhand did not like it and spent most of the trip snuggled into Greg's shoulder.

Marley also liked it.

Granville Street and Burrard Street bridges.

Another Aquabus.

We saw some kayakers too.

The walk was fairly slow at times due to things like LC wanting to push her stroller ...

... or climb on something (anything - it really doesn't matter what it is, LC will want to climb on it!)

A peek-a-boo view of the new roof going onto BC Place.

Our first official rest break. Juice boxes at a playground near Science World.

Hey! A picture of the two of us together!!

This is pretty typical of LC. She won't do anything the "proper" way. Where could she have inherited that from?!

More playing. This is in the new part of the seawall near the Olympic Village.

Yet another break at a playground so the girls could "rest". Hmmm ...

And last but most certainly not least, I captured this precious moment. We were a couple km away from Granville Island and fatigue was starting to really set it. I turned around to check on their progress and saw this. So sweet!!

The next day (yes, it was a busy weekend) - BC Day around here which meant a holiday for Greg - we went to Tsawwassen for the annual SunFest parade and fair. We met up with some friends to watch the parade and then went our separate ways after. We headed to Safeway to buy lunch and then went to the fair for a couple hours.

Our spot and the crew - Greg, Taylor, Marley, LC, Paige, Lauren and Jenn (sorry I got a shot of your butt!!)

LC did her usual "hide in Daddy's shoulder when the scary Pipeband was in earshot" routine. Sigh. I am really going to have to blast the  bagpipe music around the house. She's over 50% Scottish for crying out loud!!!

Once the band had passed she felt it was safe to come out of Greg's shoulder but the hands over the ears were still needed. Sheesh!

Earlier I mentioned that Paige gave a mascot a hi-five ... this is the one. And later she hugged Salty the Seagull. Hugged! I was too gobsmacked to take a photo of that.

She had a ball. Collecting candy, seeing all the floats and clapping and waving along with everyone else. Who IS this child? Needless to say, Greg and I are very proud of her growth and are slightly less worried about our planned trip to Disneyland in the spring!

This is Marley and Paige's (now only Paige's) dance school. Didn't know they were putting in a float. Oh well.

At the fair, Paige took LC under her wing on the swing ride. Here they are at the beginning of the ride. Neither looks altogether convinced of anything, do they?

How about now? I think they are enjoying themselves!!

LC refused to go into the bouncy castle but Paige had fun. This one had a slide.

This one was just all about bouncing!

Every year the Firefighters have a mini obstacle course for the kids to do. Paige and Marley are helping wind up the hose here.

Paige went first. She grabbed the hose and ran to ...

... squirt the water to put out the fire.

Here's Marley at the next stage - hoisting the hose up the stairs.

Then they had to sling the hose over their shoulder and run through the cones to dump it in a bucket.
The final obstacle (that I didn't get pictures of) was to crawl through the runnel, into the tent to rescue Fido.

Then they got hats, a certificate and a colouring booklet on fire safety.
LC was technically old enough to do this but too scared. Maybe next year.

The next event of note was taking them over to Vancouver Island for Granny Camp. Here are some shots from the ferry ride - an adventure in playing "Where's Christine Now?" She needs a leash!

In the van waiting to get on the ferry.

Marley immediately found the TV showing Family Channel (sheesh!) and then pulled out the camera I lent her and started playing with it.

Paige and LC enjoyed the play area.

We went out on deck (briefly) for a change of scenery. It was pretty windy and both Paige and LC climbed high enough to get my Mommy-dar buzzing!

A solo me on my way home. Enjoying the views.

As part of my weekend, I went with my friend Trish to see the fireworks last night. Every year Vancouver puts on a fireworks competition called the Celebration of Light. They are magnificent shows of fireworks set to music and in our free, young and single days we used to go to them all the time. Since having kids the logistics hasn't been favourable to view them live. But ... as I was kid-less ... we went. Greg was still taking it easy after his "procedure" (hee, hee) so it was a rare Girls Night Out for me.
After a nice dinner at the Keg on Granville Island we walked over to Vanier Park and joined the crowds on the grass. I only had my cell phone so I apologize in advance for the crap quality of the following pictures!!

English Bay was swarming with boats!

The fireworks.

I liked the multi-coloured ones.

Part of the finale.

Well, that's all for now. Greg and I have plans to go to the Vancouver Whitecaps game this afternoon and then I have a Stampin' Up! workshop later. More on that in another post.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
See you later!

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  1. First of all, wow, you are so lucky to have alone time, I am jealous beyond belief!!! (You would not believe the week I had, bru-tal!) Second, looks like you guys are having a great summer, I love how you're always taking the kids out to events, especially knowing how difficult it is to do that! And third, Greg had a "procedure"? Maybe he needs to have a little chat at Jason, heehee! Anyway, enjoy your kid-free time, it is precious! Hugs, Roxy.