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Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Update (Finally)

This may not get posted tonight ... depends on how long Blogger decides to take to upload pictures today! But I at least wanted to start on a personal blog post that I know my family has been looking for. No more scrapbook pages! Just show us current photos of the girls!!!

I hear ya! I hear ya!

Get ready ...

We have to go all that way back to July 16th. Marley volunteered to lay a rose on the Veterans Memorial when the Portaits of Honour tour came through Ladner. It was a yucky, rainy, cold day for a ceremony! The call for volunteers came out so late and the weather was so horrible that I think it kept a lot of people away. So much so that Paige got wrangled into laying a rose too. Here they are.
Marley in the Processional.

See the two pink hooded figures? (Okay, one's hidden behind the woman in the red coat.) Those are Marley and Paige.

Marley was a very attentive big sister! I am always so proud of her when I see things like this. Then of course she turns around and screams at Paige for some imagined infraction like looking at her funny. But in THIS moment she was the very definition of Big Sister!

The Cenotaph. It was a very moving ceremony. The weather definitely helped the somber mood!
Afterwards we went out for pancakes at Ricky's with friends. The girls all had hot chocolate! Yup, it was that cold!

Next we have pictures from when we went to "watch" Greg play in a tournament called Nations Cup. He was playing for Team Canada in the 40+ division. They lost pretty badly - much like our real Team Canada does in Soccer tournaments!!
You may have noticed that I put the word watched in quotations. You see, Greg likes to ask us to come out to watch him play soccer then he parades the girls past some fun looking playground which they then pester me to go and play on. I think you can see where this is going. We had 20 minutes or so before the start of his game so I took the girls over to the playground. After an appropriately painful length of time (on my part) watching the girls we headed back to find Greg. His game was in half-time intermission but he'd hurt himself in the first half and wouldn't be playing for the second. Doh! So much for watching Daddy play soccer!

Here they are on the playground/seniors exercise area.

The Monkey on the monkey bars - natch!

Monkey Jr - never afraid to show what she can climb up now!

Stair Stepping Sisters!
Paige got those sunglasses from the Telus guys and wouldn't take them off for days!

Just hangin' out!

I think she's trying to do the Crane a la the Karate Kid. That's just what she needs. Lessons on how to beat up her sisters!

I am really not sure what this machine is supposed to do/exercise/work on. Anyone?

Miss Independent "Me Do It" Day had a little tumble when jumping off a low wall. Mommy's offer of support is looking MUCH more appealing now!!

And last but not least, our intrepid athlete!!
We stuck around to watch his team play the second half (sans Greg). It was really just rotten timing that we missed him. Maybe next year! Assuming his groin/hamstring/calf/achilles/you name it doesn't get pulled/tweaked/whatever!!

Then we jump ahead to July 23rd. Greg and I got to go out for a nice dinner with his parents and his sister and brother-in-law to celebrate his Dad's retirement change of job status (Grandpa doesn't like the R word!) and their 45th Anniversary. It was paid for by Greg's Grandma Day who passed away a few years ago. Greg's Mom generously treated us to a dinner at Season's in the Park at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.
We scored the best table in the house too!

We were early (surprise, surprise!) so we had drinks on the patio first.

The view from our table!

Greg's parents - Mike and Julia. Happy 45th!!

Me and Greg - Happy 9th (soon!)

The crew. From left: Mike, Julia, Aaron, Christine, Greg and me.

July 28th - My very good friend (BFF in Marley-speak) was in town visiting (from Oakville, Ontario) so we met up at the waterpark on Granville Island. I had already agreed to look after Paige's friend Cali for the afternoon but couldn't give up the chance to see Shalan and her girls so ... she came too. Greg also took the afternoon off work to help corral children!

Paige and Elise (dark hair) seeing how cold the water was. (Pretty darn cold if the truth be told!)

Cali, Paige and Elise hamming it up for the camera. 

Taken through the spray of a fire hose - Greg taking pictures of LC, Cali, Paige and Elise.

Greg and LC.

Marley on the big water slide.

LOVE my camera!!! I cropped the picture in Picasa and it's still so clear! Love the water drops!!

Do you think she liked the slide?

Marley and Mylene deciding whether or not to go again.

LC in the tunnel.

Paige on the short but steep waterslide.

I think she liked it!

This was her first attempt down the big one.

She liked it so much she did it again - with slightly different results. I wasn't on-the-ball enough to get pictures of it, but the second time she came down she somehow managed to get turned around backwards and upside down so that when she hit the run out she was underwater. But, while she did come up spluttering a bit, she was smiling. Such an improvement in her lately!

And the last picture for today, me and Shalan - Kappa sisters forever!!
We never get long enough to visit and I'm always left wanting more but ... even a few hours once a year is better than nothing! Love you!

Well, Blogger was much more cooperative today than it has been in the past  but I think I will stop there for today. I've still got pictures from our walk around False Creek yesterday and the BC Day Sun Fest parade and fair today to show you. I'll save those for another day though. While the girls are outside blowing the bubbles they got in the parade (along with piles of candy!!) Greg and I will watch Hell's Kitchen then do baths and bed. Ah, summer routines!!

Thanks for tuning in. See you soon!

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