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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Idea Fest, Naps, Anniversaries and Homemade Water Parks!

I am out in Abbotsford enjoying a mini getaway at my parents while the older two girls attend VBS (Vacation Bible School for those of you who don't know) at their church. Their cousins Jenna and Luke are also going so it's been a busy fun week so far. Yesterday I got to slip back into Ladner to celebrate Greg and my 9th Anniversary and while there I took the opportunity to play catch up with my Big Idea Festival book. Here are the last 5 words.

These 3 ARE my nest (that's what the journalling is about) and also, I thought the hammock at Granny Camp kind of looked like a nest.

Visual reminders are always good!

The journalling is about "lessons I am trying to learn from my 2 year old". Like "dirty is always better"!
A note about the orientation of this page. Because I wanted to use this picture I felt I needed to flip the template from BPC. It also helps the pages that I accidentally created in the wrong orientation to fit in better! LOL!

Be Free - the journalling talks about my desire to be free from fear, pain, guilt (oh, the Mommy guilt!) etc. I also flipped this one 'cus I was using another large picture. Plus, this page and the one above are next to each other in my book.

In this Moment celebrate with love. As I mentioned above, it was our anniversary on Tuesday (our 9th) and I took some pics before we headed out on our date. This picture was initially one of the rejects because our heads are cut off (ah, the self timer!) but there is something about it that I like so I scrapped it. Now it's with me forever!

Okay, so my post title said something about naps ... we arrived here on Sunday evening and the girls weren't able to calm down and get to sleep (they are all sharing a room downstairs so you can only imagine the excitement that created!) until after 10PM. Monday was a full day of VBS, cousins, pool time and then another late night when we tried to add their cousins into the mix of the sleepover (Jenna joined them while Caleb and Luke slept upstairs in the den.) It was past 9 when we finally got them settled - Paige was in my bed, Marley had moved over to sleep with Christine as she was sad to lose her bed mate (Paige) which left Jenna sad and alone ... Ammee to the rescue! Ina cuddled with her for a bit and that seemed to help settle everyone. Phew!
So, it should be no surprise then that LC looked like this by 10AM on Tuesday after a walk to the church to drop the kids off and to Shoppers to check out the new store.

She fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and hardly blinked an eyelid when I transferred her to the couch. Aww! According to Ina she was in bed just after 7 that night too. Poor tuckered out little soul!

Here is the "official" anniversary picture.

We had a good dinner out using a Groupon at The Point in Steveston. Very yummy food, very slow service but we scored a comped glass of wine because of it so who cares?!

Last but not least was the homemade water park today. The girls didn't want to go to the local park to play on the playground once I got back, instead they wanted to tear down the little hill that is Ammee and Poppa's driveway on their scooters while I sprayed them with the hose.
Hmmm ... okay
I have a few more grey hairs from watching these bikini clad bodies scream (rather shakily in Paige's case) by me but amazingly no one bailed!

For this one I was shooting from the hip as I was also manning the hose!

See Paige's hair flying out behind her? That should be some indication of how fast she was going!

This is the hill. LC was trying to go up as high as her sisters but ...

... Mother Marley helped her back down again.

So Paige could come flying down unhindered. Yikes!

LC took a little break on her scooter.

Eventually the scooters were tossed aside in favour if just plain old running through the spray! Here's Ina manning the hose.

Marley took a turn too. She can be rather ruthless with her aim but ...

... I don't think they minded! (This time!)

Paige is trying to squeeze the trigger to make the hose spray. Hee, hee, hee. I'm sure when she'd 16 she'll hate that I posted this picture of her but right now, I think she looks so cute!

Speaking of cute ... Marley making a Pringles duck bill mouth! The post water play snack.

And seeing as she was surrounded by granddaughters, Ina opened up a spa on the deck. Here is Paige painting her finger nails. Oh, and for those of you who are on Facebook, we were very careful with LC and she did NOT get to paint her own toe nails this time!

She did however participate in the soaking of the feet and ...

... the buffing of the calusses (okay, I have no idea how to spell that word!)

Well, that's it for today. The girls are asleep (without too much effort tonight) and I think it's time I was heading that way too. Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy the sunshine if you've got it and if you're near those thunder and tornado cells out East - hunker down and stay safe tonight!!

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