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Monday, March 26, 2012

Christine's Birthday Activities - Final Day!

Phew! I am glad that it's Monday morning. I am glad that the kids are still on Spring Break too! Never thought I'd hear myself say that but it was a busy weekend so knowing that this morning can be as un-rushed as we want it to be is awesome!

Yesterday we had the Day side over to celebrate LC's 3rd birthday. That meant Grandma and Grandpa Day, Aunty Christine, Uncle Aaron, Jasper, Griffin, Cousin James, Suzanne, Kieran and Zoe. Plus our 5 makes 15 people! It was a gorgeous day so when Jasper and Griffin arrived a bit early, Greg and his parents took all the kids to the park. Aunty Christine and I got to have a rare adult moment. What a concept!! (PS - she is now with Mom Inc Movement {remember that tradeshow I did last November?} and they have just gone live with their new website so please check them out at

Once the James Days arrived and gang returned from the park, chaos ruled at Chez Day! Here's a look at some of the goings on.
Now that my kids are getting older we've started getting rid of toys that are appropriate for much younger children. Like little Zoe - 21 months old. But we found the girls' collection of Zoobles which created an impromptu Zoobles Party in the hall!

This is little Zoe. So cute. Here she is at the beginning of the afternoon - still in shy mode but happy to play with the Zoobles and drink juice.

It always turns into a kitchen party, doesn't it? 

Here's Zoe a short time later - getting more and more tired, cuddly and with a running tap for a nose. We found Marley's duck for her to cuddle along with her own bunny.

LC, Griffin (3 1/2) and Kieran (4 1/2) being silly on our rockin', reclinin' chair-o-fun!

Greg actually did the bar-be-queing yesterday - something he usually leaves up to me. But yesterday, after all the appies people brought, there was only 6 hot dogs to cook for the kids so he felt he could handle that. Still  had me check for done-ness though!!

Fun with sidewalk chalk! 

Action shot!

More fun with chalk.

Then it was time for cake! We've now got cake leftovers from two cakes! Sigh. So much for my (weak) attempts to eat less in anticipation of Disneyland!

After cake there were presents! More presents! Sheesh!!

As you may be able to tell from her expression, this was a huge hit! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Day!! This will be a lifesaver on the plane!!

Two games for the new Leapster from Jasper and Griffin.

And then the loud annoying toy courtesy of Kieran and Zoe! :) 

One final picture of Zoe. Poor kid! She went downhill fast! From the initial shyness and clinginess, to massive yawns, to a full on temperature and need for Children's Advil, to this final conk out. Hope you're feeling better today Zoe!!

Okay, that's it for birthday celebrations for LC. I hope! Time to get back to normal.
And start prepping for the next birthday party - Paige's. She'll be 6 in 3 weeks! Why oh why did we have these kids so close together?!?!?

PS - If you saw my Iron Stamper post and want to find out if I won and see more details of my projects, please check out my design blog. I'm running a series over there this week show casing my projects.

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