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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well, I did it again.
I signed up for Lain Ehman's LayOut A Day Challenge ... LOAD for short. Last time (i.e. February) I didn't post each layout on my blog but this time, I think I'll try. We are going to Disneyland with the kids and their Grandparents on Saturday so LOADing will be a challenge ... but that is what digital scrapbooking is for and I'm going to try it out. Stampin' Up! sells a digital design software which I have purchased but had problems installing so never used. Now I will be forced to call Tech Support and get it dealt with once and for all.

But I digress ... DAY1 ... the prompt was to take a self portrait. Yuck! Lain also gave some additional ideas of how to interpret the prompt and one of them was to take a picture of a body part. Hmm .. I figured that was doable. I set up my trusty tripod (thanks Grandpa Day!) by my drafting table and ...

Journalling reads: "My hands ... I've always seen my Mum in my hands but looking at this picture I realize they are definitely all my own now. They create. They cook. They change diapers and put in pony tails. I think I love them!"

Some close ups for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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