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Saturday, May 5, 2012

California Adventure - Day 1

Just some images for you tonight. As I write this I am sitting in our hotel room hearing the fireworks going off at Disneyland. Too bad our room doesn't FACE the park!! The girls are in bed and finally quiet so hopefully that means they are asleep. Otherwise tomorrow is going to be painful!!

I promised you some pictures so here we go ...

Giddy with excitement.

All made up and ready to rock!

The line up,

... the Delorean in the line up. Yep. You read that right. A Delorean! Greg wondered why they didn't just time jump to avoid the line. Ha ha! What a funny guy!!

It was a dark and stormy day at the Peace Arch.

Crossing into the US.

Wondering where the heck our plane to Seattle was.

Oh, there it is! Only a few minutes late!!

At the bus stop in Orange County airport. Barely containing the excitement!

Grandpa and Grandma Day are here too.

The girls have already taken about 100 photos of ... well, not too much really. Me taking pictures of them taking pictures of ...

Oh, THERE'S the bus!!

The crew.

Disneyland, here we come!

After this quick nap!!
She was fighting it for hours and shortly after we got rolling on the bus I saw her head droop. Pretty soon she was cuddled up on Grandma's lap. Aw!

Well, the little one is STILL awake so I think it may be time for Mommy to go to bed and try to calm things down some. Wish me luck! Tomorrow is a busy Park filled day!! 

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  1. Looks like you had a pretty easy trip! Get ready for fun times ahead!!!