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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Even more Disneyland!!

We are back home now - almost a week actually - and I can't believe I haven't finished sharing our Disneyland trip with you. In my defense, the evening we returned home was the Spring Fair at Marley and Paige's school (which Greg took the girls to), the next morning was our neighbourhood garage sale (what I was prepping while Greg took the girls to the fair!) and that night was the surprise birthday party for a friend who is turning 40. Then of course was Mother's Day, field hockey x2, getting the girls back into the school routine, grocery shopping, laundry ... I think I need a vacation!!

I will attempt to be brief but be warned, this will be PHOTO HEAVY!!

Tuesday May 8th:
Hugs for Dale.

Tears during Peter Pan (on LC's part that is! Sigh)

I kind of thought these girls were something created just for TV shows but ... apparently they like to meet the Disney Princesses too!

After a shift change (grr! missed out on the Big 3 - Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty by literally inches!!) we met Belle ...

Ariel ..

... and Tiana (Frog Princess for those of you confused - or is that just me?) Marley had the foresight to lie and say yes, of course we've seen your movie!! 

Greg's favourite character - Goofy.

On the Go Go Gadget Coaster in Toontown - with Paige!

Star Tours.

Once Paige decided to try the Toontown roller coaster she was good for all of them. Here we are on the Big Thunder ride.

She loved it so we did Splash Mountain too!

And then we went over to California Adventure again so we could ride the bigger rides over there.

Since we were hot and since we loved Splash Mountain, we rode the Grizzly River Run. 
And got soaked! I laughed so hard I cried!!

Paige was quite eager to ride California Screamer but was an inch too short (phew!) so while Greg and Marley rode it, she and I had a frozen treat and I let her get her face painted.

Which of course led to getting Marley's face painted!

Jessie from Toy Story.

Giant Swings.

Wednesday May 9th:
Mary Poppins and Bert.

The Queen of Hearts (LC wanted to have nothing to do with her!)


Off to California Adventure.

LC loved Bug's Land so we stayed there for a bit and did the Bumper Cars ...

And the Lady Bug ride (basically a smaller version of the Tea Cups).

Christine saw her favourite Character from Disney Junior - Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. As you can see she was quite taken by him! It was so cute!!

Then we watched the Disney Junior Live show.

Had a yummy lunch.

Rode a Sea Horse.

And California Screamer ... again ...

That evening we came back to watch World of Colour (AWESOME!!! Don't miss this if you are going to Disneyland!) and had a chance to wander the Hollywood back lot for a bit.

Another few rides in Bug's Land and then Greg and Marley wanted to pose in front of the Tower of Terror ride - to prove they did it! She is so brave!!

The Ferris Wheel looked so cool all lit up in the twilight.
I didn't bother trying to take photos of the show - just trust me that it is AWESOME!!! Check out this YouTube video and this Disney promotional video to get a better idea of what I mean. Paige got a little freaked out by the loud music and Christine was so terrified she tried to crawl back into my body (the Pirates of the Caribean music was pretty loud and all the flame throwers got a bit much for her) but I would see it every night if I could!

And on the way home both of them fell asleep on the bus. Aww!

I think I'll stop for now and show you pictures from our last day another time. Hope you enjoyed this! 

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