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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Disney Highlights

Well it's been a busy few days since my last post. We have done our best to cover all the sights and attractions in Disneyland and California Adventure. There are still 2 days left on our passes so I am hoping for more "mellow" days ahead!

Here's what we've been up to ...

Family photo op.

First signature in their new books (remind me to post pics of the autograph books I made for them!)

It was Greg's brilliant idea to introduce the many wonderful offerings of Disneyland with this ride.

As you can see, the reviews were mixed. To say the least!

The Carousel went a long way to fix things.

As did the Tea Cups.

And dancing with the princesses.

Then we had some Toon town fun starting with Pluto.

Then Mickey.

Greg and Marley were on the Gadget Coaster so we took some time to make wishes in the fountain.

Then we put the kids in jail! LOL!

Apparently the world was not small enough for Christine!

Back to the hotel for a little swim, a nap, some dinner (to celebrate Grandma's birthday!) and then back to the park for Fantasmic and ...

... a fireworks finale. Despite the massive dragon and evil Queen in Fantasmic, Christine really liked it and wasn't scared of the fireworks at all either. But a bunch of puppets singing the same blasted song over and over and over force her to cower in fear and cover her eyes?!
Well, I suppose I can see her point  a little bit!

That was Sunday ... here's Monday.

Dumbo got things started.

Except for Christine!

Ah, 2 cameras to capture every moment!!

Back to the Tea Cups - this time Paige joined in the fun.

Alice In Wonderland.

Autopia - did you know it's next to impossible to take pictures AND drive a car at the same time? 

Who are these dragsters coming up behind us?

Off to find Nemo.

Pretty cool stuff under there.

It's really late right now so I can't remember the name of this ride ... Star Blasters or something like that. Everyone loved this one!!

See. Even Grandma and Grandpa blew away some alien bad guys!!

Then to Pixie Hollow to meet Vidia ...

... and the extremely popular Tinkerbell.

Then it was over to California Adventure where the girls tried out the mister.

In a Bug's Land we said "see you later" to Christine and Grandma and Grandpa - she was D-O-N-E done!!

Marley flexed some muscles with Mr Incredible before we took in the Aladdin Show.

Then there was Donald Duck.

And some rock climbing.

and finally, some zip lining.

Phew!! That's a lot of pictures!! It's also almost 11PM (winner of the Voice is about to be announced) and my eyes are SO heavy! I will leave today's events for another post.
Good night and sweet dreams.

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  1. Oh man, I so love Disneyland, I sure hope I get to take the kids before they're too old! The last time I went was in 1992, so I guess things have changed a bit (dancing princesses? I would LOVE that!!!) but I'm glad they still have the teacups! A timeless fave! Looks like you guys are having a great time, hugs, Roxy.