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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family Friday ... er, SUNDAY Update!

Sorry about the delay in coming up with my Family Friday Update! Friday was a total Gong Show kind of a day and since I had another post scheduled for that day anyway, I knew I'd be bumping this one. I meant to do it yesterday but had an acute lactose ingestion attack after work which forced me to take to my bed (doesn't that sound like something from a Jane Austin novel? LOL!)

Anyway, here we are, only 2 days late! :)

This week started out well. I came home from work on Monday to this ...

My Blog Hop winnings from Jodi at Luv-a-lot Land! Check out how full this box was.

There are so many things in here that are totally my style and there are even new manufacturers (to me) like Authentique (those blue label stickers on top) that I am excited to use. A week that starts with a goody bag like this can only get better, right?

Thursday we hosted my Aunt Moira for dinner. It was a bit chaotic getting everything done in the morning in order to be able to pick her up, but we managed. Somehow! Honestly, I made 3 separate trips into Ladner that morning! Only one was officially in the books - a trip to the dentist then over to SaveOn to pick up the hot dogs, buns and chips for Hot Lunch day at the girls' school on Friday. But then I got word that my pay cheque and a donation for the school PAC dance in February were ready for pick up so I made a left instead of a right (which would have taken me out to New West to pick up Aunt Moira) and headed back into town to get those. Then, as I was picking up food for my poor starving Christine (and me!), SaveOn called to say they screwed up and accidentally gave me all the buns for another school and could I bring them back? Say what?! So back to the school I went to reload 6 bun trays into the back of my van to take them back to SaveOn. Then, I was finally able to make my way out of Delta!

Aunt Moira was very understanding and gracious despite my lateness! A stop at Tim Horton's on the way back to Ladner for a restorative cup of coffee helped too! Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day. Doing all that back and forth and in and out of the van in the rain with a 3 year old in tow is pretty much my idea of torture!

After dinner the girls and I played Sorry with Aunt Moira and I even remembered to take some pictures! So here you go, you're on the blog Aunty Moira!!

Paige won handily! There were many occasions that she was the only one with men out on the board!

I think she liked wining!!

Friday was Hot Lunch day at the school which, since I am one of the Hot Lunch Coordinators, means that I stay at the school after dropping the girls at their class rooms to get everything ready. Since it was hot dogs that day, I started the process right at 9 and generally don't get out of there til 1. It's a lot of work but the kids love their special lunch days so it's really all worth it. This time everything went off without a hitch! Pretty much unheard of on hot dog days! Last time we'd forgotten to book the room off so we were having to share with "Guitar Marty" (as the name suggests, he teaches the kids Guitar) and a stove that some how got turned off half way so one of the pots didn't boil properly. But this time the room was all ours, the stove worked (well, I caught the problem in time to fix it!!), the helpers arrived on time and we had enough rollers that all the hot dogs were filled and rolled in record time. I think the lunch bins were even delivered slightly early!! Totally unprecedented!!

I have probably just jinxed every hot dog day from now until the end of time!!

Yesterday was a long shift for me at Pier1 and then the already mentioned "taking to my bed". Won't bore you with those details. I did manage to get the girls' suitcases packed for Mexico though. Did I mention that we are going to Mexico? Greg had the opportunity to cash in on some of his severance so we decided to put it to good use and get some VitaminD in Peurto Vallarta. His parents have rented a condo down there for January and February and his sister and family headed down there yesterday so it will be a big Day Family reunion in the sunshine! T-Minus 2 days!

Today I have a rare Sunday off so am enjoying lounging in my pj's, catching up on my blog and then I get to take Marley and Christine to my niece's Fairy Birthday Party later. Paige has soccer so she will miss it but we are all staying for a family dinner after so she will get some cousin time then. 

I'll leave you today with this ...

January 28
January 29
3221Variable cloudinessVariable cloudiness
January 30
3217Variable cloudinessVariable cloudiness
January 31
3218Cloudy with sunny breaksCloudy with sunny breaks
February 1
3322Cloudy periodsCloudy periods
February 2
February 3
February 4
3420Cloudy periodsCloudy periods
February 5
3219Variable cloudinessVariable cloudiness
Hee, hee, hee! I know, I'm evil!! 
Hasta luego Amigos!

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