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Friday, January 18, 2013

Family Friday Update

Here we are again. It's Friday so that means it's time to catch up in the goings on of the Day Family.

Not too much to report this week really ... oh, wait, what's that? I was published? Shucks. It's just a little eBook! (Insert shy grin and twisting of foot here!) But in all seriousness, it's true. Two of my layouts were published in an eBook that recently went on sale to the general public - you can read all about it here. An awesome lady by the name of Lain Ehmann runs the sites and Scrap Happy is the social site for devoted fans of her LOAD challenges, started because we wanted some way to keep in touch in between LOADs. For those of you who now think I've started talking a different language, LOAD is an acronym for LayOut A Day (a layout is what we call our scrap book pages). She asked her Scrap Happy members for help last summer and we heeded her call. I never imagined it would be sold outside our little circle as we originally thought of it as a "Church Ladies Cook Book" of sorts. Anyway, it's pretty exciting to think that there are people out there paying for something that has my work in it. And hopefully liking my work too!

Other items of note, it got really cold (for here) and we even had some snow at the beginning of the week. It's gone now but it continues to be dry, clear, sunny and cold. Very unusual for January but I'll take it! Marley and Paige's soccer Academy was cancelled on Monday night due to (I assume) snow on the turf field in Tsawwassen and the cold temperatures. On Tuesday I had my 6 month check up at the Colposcopy Clinic at VGH. Purely routine after the removal of the "naughty" cells from my cervix last summer. Yep, I've now delved into the realm of TMI! (Too Much Information!!)

On a lighter note, Christine's preschool had a field trip to the local leisure centre on Wednesday to go ice skating. 

She's been once before (Christmas of 2011) and refused to even TRY to stand on the ice so I was a bit worried about how much trouble this was going to be. But she did really well! Standing on her skates was a bit dicey at first but she eventually got the hang of it ... sort of. Initial attempts to move around the ice required the aide of  a bar.

Here's a short video showing her at the beginning of the field trip. As you can see, she has trouble keeping her feet underneath her!

As she got used to things, she tried other devices to stay standing like this chair.

But ultimately went back to the bar. Only this time she didn't lean on it as much. You can see in this video that she is mostly upright and looking more comfortable out there. I on the other hand almost fell in the shooting of this ... but that's a story for another time. :)

So that's it. Oh, one other thing that happened on Wednesday (it was a particularly busy day) was that I attended a talk at the girls' school on helping children navigate anxiety. I've talked before about our struggles and concerns over Paige's apparent anxious personality. I'd hoped to gain some insights into how we can more effectively help her. Not sure if I got those as we do try to do a lot of what the speaker suggested, but she did give out some websites to check out so we'll see what will come of it.

We've got the usual activities this weekend - swimming lessons for Christine followed by Jazz for Marley tomorrow, then soccer games on Sunday with a birthday party thrown into the middle for good measure. Christine and I are showing some symptoms of an upset tummy right now which hopefully passes quickly as I have 3 work shifts this weekend also. Hope you've all had a good week and have some fun planned for the weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I'll "see" you next Friday!

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