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Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Friday Update

One of my goals for this year is not only to blog more in general, but to blog more regularly about what our family is up to. I know that not everyone who visits my blog is looking for scrappy inspiration. There are a few family members who like to check in now and then to see what we're up to and for whom my creative sharings (while stunning and gorgeous and awesome :)) are not what they are looking for. So for them I am starting a new series called Family Friday Updates.

Just as the name suggests I will post purely family driven content every Friday. I hope!! LOL!

So, what have we been up to? It's the 11th of January today which means the girls have been back at school for a week now. They all seem to have settled back into the regular, non-holiday, routine just fine. Soccer, basketball, dance and gymnastics have also all started back up this week so our calendar is back to its usual craziness! Paige has a new student in her class, Marley's class has started learning to play the recorder (heaven help us!) and Christine ... well, she's just trucking along with everyone else. Preschool is going well and the younger sister of one of the boys in her class (someone Christine knows from her little ballet class in the Fall) is now enrolled too so Christine has another friend to meet and greet on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Greg is trying to get back into soccer shape after the Christmas indulgencies and a ham string injury that limited him a bit at the end of December. In typical Greg fashion he is mostly bull dozing his way through the recovery process. No mamby-pamby coddling for him! It's pain=gain all the way!

Yes, that's a little tongue in cheek but you get the gist!

I have been home more in the past two weeks than most of December. That may be an exaggeration but it really felt like I barely saw my kids or Greg all December as both stores were requesting more hours from me. Thank goodness for Greg's flex days and vacation days! With the new year The Upstart Crow is solidifying their class schedule and I will hopefully have something to advertise soon! My Pier1 store has a new Assistant Manager and Sales Leader as well as a new look so I've been doing after hours shifts to help move the store around. I am hopeful that when another Sales Leader position becomes available I will be successful in getting it. I was a bit late on the uptake for this last one - took too long making my decision! Won't make that mistake again. For now I can continue to work both jobs but I'm sure there will come a time when I will have to make a very hard decision.

To wrap up this post I thought I'd give you some pictures from late December and early January. Enjoy and I'll be back next Friday!

On Dec 18 we had our first skiff of snow here in Ladner. Christine insisted on going out to play in it after we'd dropped the older two off at school.

Next day we awoke to a more significant snow fall.

Walking to school. It was REALLY wet snow! Christine's snow suit was completely soaked by the time we got home!

This could have had something to do with why it was soaked!

That day was her preschool holiday party - they put on a little show for us. So cute!!

The sugar high she got was brought on by things like this ...

... and this!

Paige came home from school sporting a red nose, wee antlers (see them under her bangs?) ...

... and a  tail!

Dec 20 - Marley's choir performed at the airport.

That's Marley, third from the right, bottom row.

They were singing in the International Wing and at the end sang over the balcony so those arriving could enjoy them too.

Dec 22 - Graham/Campbell/Day gathering. Everyone was there this year which is always fun. We got another group shot which I haven't seen yet. Here is the "kids table" - 11 squished around the table and one in the high chair.

Christmas morning - checking out what Santa left.

She's barely taken this off! It's well made but even so the gems have fallen off and the tulle is getting ripped. Oh well, at least it's being well loved!

Another favourite gift - a Christine Sinclair jersey. (She actually came into Pier1 when I was working!! I was a little star struck but I don't think anyone else recognized her!! )

From Ammee - Paige is hooting like an owl, Marley is desperately trying NOT to be in the picture and Christine is just lapping it up! Typical!!

The Kids Table 2.0. This time with the Day/Nielsen cousins.

The kids were all so nicely contained that we had a fairly civilized adults table too!

The Day/Nielsen cousins - (from left) Paige, Christine, Kieran, Griffin, Zoe, Jasper and Marley.

On January 5th Marley participated in a soccer tournament with players from her team and the other Ladner girls team. That's her in blue streaking down the field. She does run fast but really my camera just wasn't liking the poor lighting!

Coach Greg (left) and Coach Ryan (centre) with some of the players waiting their turn to play. Marley is second from the right on the bench.

The team. I don't know much about soccer or the politics (and try to stay out of it!!) but from the little I saw, they played well. Some of  the other teams were more developed and had been together as teams for months but these girls gave it their all and had fun. That's really what counts in the end, right?

Okay, that's it for the inaugural installment! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm not family, but I loved looking at your photos! Especially the snow photos! Fun!